Amergint Technologies

We are a team of engineers who have once again created a company that delivers next-generation technologies to the space industry.

Our key strategy is simple — be technically-focused and customer-supportive.

Having a focus means sticking to what we do best and not doing the rest. The customers that choose to work with AMERGINT know that we are helpful and easy to work with.

The breadth of engineering expertise at AMERGINT lets us solve hard problems. There are some really bright minds here at the company. So we are all about being innovative. We are all about building intellectual capital that our customers leverage.

We are employee-owned. We are AMERGINT.

For Solutions in Satellite Operations and Testing, Modem/Baseband Units, Ground System Front Ends, Payload Processors, Satellite Test Systems, and Range / Launch Site Systems

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Amergint - Range / Launch Site Systems

  • Network Gateways correlate and route serial data and time over IP networks, then regenerate that serial data and time at one or more sites.
  • Data Acquisition Applications capture, process, display, and record from sensors and other data sources.
  • Range Data Systems capture, process, record, route, and display data from telemetry sources.

Amergint - Satellite Test Systems

  • Integration of our standard products into turn-key test racks.
  • Supports factory testing and launch site checkout.
  • Configurable to support multiple satellite families.

Amergint - satTRAC Modem / Baseband Unit

  • Signal Converters for RF and 70MHz
  • Digital IF over Ethernet
  • Software Apps for Waveform-Specific Processing

Amergint - softFEP Data Recorders

  • Record and playback satellite telemetry and command streams.
  • DVR-Like operations for ease of use in operations or test.
  • Multi-Terabyte RAID-5 storage capacity.
  • Manage recordings with Preserve, Export, and Import Functions.

Amergint - softFEP Front End Processor

  • Process telemetry and command data streams in satellite control centers.
  • Connect satellite control centers with networked antenna sites.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

Amergint - softFEP Payload Processors

  • Receive and process high-rate downlink data streams.
  • Perform error detection and correction on each downlink.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.