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Navitar, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures precision optical solutions across the globe. Navitar Imaging Solutions, Projection Optics and Custom Optics divisions produce leading-edge optical and electro-optical technologies for the fastest growing segments of the world's economy.

Navitar's optical solutions are used in a wide variety of industries including Life Science / Research, Industrial Imaging, Metrology, Microscopy, Planetariums, Simulation & Amusement 

Applications include machine vision, automation, assembly, imaging, testing, measuring, metrology, biometrics, telecommunications, photonics R&D, non-contact measurement, simulation, and much more.

Whether you are interested in off-the-shelf commercial products, or have an application that requires a custom optical solution, Navitar's engineering and design team can work with you to create a lens system to meet your needs.

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Navitar Zoom 6000 Modular Zoom Lens System

Navitar's Zoom 6000 is a modular zoom lens system that can be configured to fit nearly any application. Choose from a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, motorized configurations and lighting techniques. Dynamic magnification range of 0.09-393X offers incredible versatility, High contrast images and vivid colors, 0.01-125.68 mm field coverage, working distance can be varied from 34 to 390 mm, add infinity corrected objective lenses to achieve unmatched edge flatness and clarity.