Abaco 6U OpenVPX HPEC Starter System

Abaco 6U OpenVPX HPEC Starter System

Product Overview:

  • Fully integrated and tested 64bit Linux Beowulf cluster
  • Head node configured with full Human Machine Interface (HMI) for native development
  • AXIS SW pre-installed and configured
  • 8 x Intel 2nd Gen Quad Core i7 CPUs
  • Fully managed ethernet SFM
  • 10GigE Data plane
  • GigE control plane
  • 2 x HDDs
  • 1200Watt PSU
  • User I/O via DSP280RTMs
  • Optional Network I/O via GBX460RTM
  • Rear transition modules (RTMs) provide access to payload processor interfaces
  • Additional Backplane options available



The 6U OpenVPX HPEC Starter System is the first member of the HPEC Application Ready Platforms (HARP) product family providing modular open system architecture (MOSA) platforms featuring 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processors; CUDA GPGPU processors from NVIDIA; 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express fabric support; multiple hard disk drives; full user I/O via rear panel; the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment and 64-bit Linux.

Included with each system is Abaco Systems' AXIS application development framework, which shortens time-to-solution and reduces risk and cost by providing a user friendly interface to the scalable multiprocessor platform. Application developers can become productive faster by using preconfigured DSP examples and performance libraries to harness the full potential of the underlying hardware.

Development time is also reduced by the availability of support and training from Abaco Systems' recently opened HPEC Center of Excellence, which provides in-depth expertise in supporting customers in the design and testing of advanced, high performance systems.

Application Ready

  • Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA)
  • Native development via standard GUI, keyboard and mouse HMI
  • Intel® 2nd and 3rd Gen Core™ i7
  • Fabrics: 10GigE and PCIe
  • I/O Options: Ethernet & 10GigE, sFPDP
  • Multiple HDDs
  • User I/O via rear panel connectors
  • Integrated and tested

Integrated Software

  • 64-bit Linux
  • AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software
  • AXISView GUI
  • AXISFlow IPC
  • AXISLib performance libraries for DSP and math

Third Party Software

  • Sourcery VSIPL++ from Mentor Graphic
  • OpenFabrics.org - OFED RDMA/OpenMPI
  • GPU Direct

Training and Support

  • Abaco Systems HPEC Center of Excellence
    • Tutorials and dedicated training classes
    • Performance tuning and application optimization
    • Linux integration and support



Form Factor VPX 6U

Other AXIS Enabled

AXIS Support Yes