Abaco 800 VME64 to VME64 bus-to-bus adapter with DMA

Abaco 800 VME64 to VME64 bus-to-bus adapter with DMA

Product Overview:

  • Bi-directional bus mastership
  • Memory and I/O mapping
  • Streamlined no-protocol connectivity
  • Controller Mode DMA: 70 MB/s



The VME64 to VME64 bus-to-bus adapter directly connects two buses. The virtual bus created allows the two systems to operate as one, enabling seamless operation and superior performance. The adapter allows each bus to operate independently. The timing of the two buses is linked only when a memory or I/O reference is made to one system that translates to a reference on the other. Therefore, bus bandwidth is not affected during non-transfer periods. Because the adapter does not require protocol stacks, it transfers data very efficiently. Remote data can be accessed directly by the processor as if it were stored in local hardware memory. Or, it can be transferred to local memory using the DMA engine. Either way, the adapter is designed to transfer data with minimum processor loading.




Form Factor: Other
Other: VME64 to VME64 bus-to bus adapter
Slave Mode DMA (MB/s): N/A
Cable Interface: Fiber to 500m
Cards Included: 2 VME64
Controller Mode DMA (MB/s): 70
Interrupts: IRQ1-7
Loopback Diagnostic: Yes
Memory Mapping: Yes
Optional Dual Port RAM: 128 KB & 8 MB
Former SBS Product