Abaco VME-4140 32-Channel 12-bit Analog Output Board

Product Overview:

  • 32 analog output channels
    • 10mA maximum output current per channel
    • One 12-bit D/A converter (DAC) per output channel
  • 0.8Ω output impedance
  • Random update (nonscanning)
  • Software or external synchronous update of double-buffered outputs
  • Single reference potentiometer - no other manual calibration required
  • Automatic calibration initiated by reset or by software command
  • Unipolar (0 to +10 V, 0 to +5 V, 0 to +2.5V) or bipolar (±2.5, ±5, ±10 V) software selectable
  • Discrete wire or mass-terminated cables
  • Self-test
    • Extensive onboard diagnostic testing capability
    • Outputs can be disconnected from the field for offline
    • PMC expansion slots
    • Self-testing 
  • Front panel status LED
  • Front panel analog output connector
  • Front panel reference voltage access


VME-4132 32-Channel Analog Output Board with Built-in-Test


Form Factor: VME
Function: 12-bit DAC
Channels: 32
Channel Voltage Ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V
Throughput: 10 mS

More Product Information

  • Front panel self-test LED
  • 0.1Ω output impedance
  • Built-in-Test on-board
  • 32 analog output channels
  • On-board +/-15 V DC-to-DC conversion

  • Static readback data registers simplify program control
  • Optical data coupling provides full galvanic isolation
  • 4-, 8-, and 12-channel configurations
  • 0.05 percent accuracy for voltage outputs, 0.08 percent for current loop outputs
  • Available with 4 to 20 mA current outputs
  • 10 mA load capacity for voltage outputs over full +/-10 V range
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 12 fully isolated analog outputs
  • Up to 1,500 VDC isolation, channel-to-channel and channel-to-bus (1,000 VDC standard)
  • Voltage output ranges selectable as +/-2.5, +/-5, or +/-10 V
  • Front panel access

  • 64 K word memory
  • 6U form factor VME card
  • Access modes - all as per VITA 64 X standard
  • Self-calibration and Built-in-Test (BIT)
  • 1,000 V peak field to VME Bus isolation
  • RoHS, CE, UL 60950 compliant
  • Sheilded I/O connectors for EMI compliance
  • Compatible with Intelligent I/O Controller (IIOC)

  • Continually digitizes all input channels and stores the results in a dedicated channel dual-port register (autoscanning mode)
  • Three A/D operating modes
    • Autoscanning mode (entered on power up)
    • Random polling mode
    • Scanning mode
  • P2 I/O connection
  • Built-in-Test onboard
    • Tests 100 percent of active components
    • Semiconductor output switches
    • Does not compromise accuracy ( 0.1Ω output impedance)
  • Power up board replacement
  • 16 SE/Diff analog input channels
    • 12-bit A/D converter
    • Unipolar (0 to +10V, 0 to +5V) or bipolar (±2.5, ±5V, ±10V)
    • 40kHz A/D throughout
    • Optional low pass filter
    • Overvoltage protected
    • Fail-safe with power off
  • 16 S&H analog output channels
    • 12-bit D/A converter
    • Output short circuit protected
    • Unipolar (0 to +10V, 0 to +5V) or bipolar (±2.5, ±5V, ±10V)
    • Program-selectable scan rates provide improved response for complex output functions 10 mA outputs

  • 1,000 V analog GND/digital GND isolator
  • Low pass input filters: 50 kHz, optional 40 Hz
  • Pull-down resistors prevent floating inputs
  • Overvoltage protected inputs
  • Selectable data coding offset binary or two's complement
  • Input connector compatible with both discrete wire and ribbon cables
  • Jumper-programmable gains of x1, x10, x100
  • Selectable A/D ranges of +/-5 V, +/-10 V, 0 to +10 V
  • Supports real-time Built-in-Test
  • 40 kHz aggregate conversion rate
  • Input ranges from +/-50 mV to +/-10 V
  • Autoscanning continuously digitizes inputs and stores results in dual-ported data registers
  • 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs
  • One 12-Bit A/D converter with built-in-track and hold
  • No software initiation required to begin scanning
  • Halt and lock scanning feature which enables ability of 40 KSPS of any channel (based on channel pointer)

  • 32 relay output channels (one form C relay per channel)
  • Contact ratings
    • 60W, 50 VA maximum switching power
    • 220 VDC, 250 VAC maximum switching voltage
    • 2A maximum switching current
    • 3A maximum carry current
  • Optional contact protection electronics for DC operation
  • 8-, 16-, or 32-bit data transfers
  • Built-in-Test (all active components are tested)
  • Front panel with fail LED
  • Compatible with the Intelligent I/O Controllers
  • VxWorks driver available
  • Software compatible with the VMIVME-2532 and the VMIVME-2533

  • One ADC12D2000RF: Singlechannel 12-bit 4Gsps or dualchannel 12-bit 2Gsps
  • One AD9129: Single-channel 14-bit D/A up to 5.7 Gsps (2.85Gsps without 1:2 interpolation) - LVDS
  • VITA 57.1-2010 compliant
  • Single-ended, AC-coupled analog signals
  • 6 MMCX/SSMC connectors available from the front panel
  • 4 LVTTL signals available from an HDMI connector on the front panel
  • 4 Xilinx MGT available from an HDMI connector on the front panel
  • Clock source, sampling frequency through SPI communication busses
  • Flexible clock tree enables:
    • Onboard VCO: 2200MHz - 4400MHz
    • External reference clock
    • External sampling clock
  • Power-down modes to switch off unused functions for system power savings
  • Mil-I-46058c Conformal Coating Compliant (optional)
  • HPC (high-pin count) compatible
  • LVDS IO signaling

  • Software compatible with VMIVME-2532
  • Powerup replacement option
  • Compatible with Intelligent I/O Controllers
  • Built-in-Test (all active components are tested)
  • Front panel with fail LED
  • 8-, 16-, or 32-bit transfers
  • Each data bit in each 16-bit data word represents one discrete line pair
  • RS-422/RS-485 compatible drivers and receivers
  • 32 bits of differential voltage outputs

  • Alternating grounds on I/O pins
  • Real time loopback
  • Positive or negative true data I/O option
  • Nonprivileged or supervisory short I/O transfers
  • 8- or 16-bit transfers
  • Double Eurocard form factor
  • 24 mA output current sink capability
  • Individual port direction control jumpers
  • 128 bits of TTL compatible I/O

Abaco Systems (formerly GE Intelligent Platforms)

For 12 years, we were the embedded computing business of GE Intelligent Platforms - itself formed from a series fo acquisitions of market-leading embedded computing companies. 

The entire GE Intelligent Platforms team, around 700 people - made the transition from GE, meaning that our customers continue to deal with people with whom they've had relationships for years and in some cases, decades. 

Also making the transition from Ge are the robust, repeatable business processes for which the company is renowned - but these are now finely-tuned to the specific needs of our embedded computing customers.

We have brought with us from GE an absolute, all-overriding commitment to ethics. That commitment is fundamental and central to all our interactions with you. Trust is paramount to all our relationships. 

Abaco Systems products and solutions can be found in many high profile military/aerospace sea, land and air programs, as well as in commercial and industrial organizations in which rugged reliability is mission-critical. 

Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture rugged embedded systems. Spun out of GE in 2015 we combine the attitude and customer focus of a startup with 30 years of experience delivering rugged embedded computing products and solutions. 

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