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Product Overview:

  • Thermal Consulting
  • Design & Analysis
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Product Testing



ACT offers a complete range of thermal engineering services – everything from initial concept generation to product design to high volume production of a fully integrated thermal management solution – and everything in-between. We’re committed to serving our customers by providing the services they truly need. Our experienced engineering team and leading edge technology developers enable us to offer a broad range of services at a consistently high quality level. Further, because we operate under an efficient, disciplined program management structure, we can offer these services at very competitive prices. In all cases, we maintain strict confidentiality to protect our customer’s valuable information.

We offer a variety of Thermal Management Product and Services including:


ACT’s thermal engineering experts have helped guide clients in the military, telecommunications, medical equipment, manufacturing and aerospace industries to a variety of effective and cost effective thermal solutions. Using our extensive product development and manufacturing experience, we offer feasibility studies to generate and evaluate potential thermal management solutions from many important aspects including: cost, performance, manufacturability and reliability. We can help you save time and avoid costly delays at the end of your project by identifying the correct thermal solution up front. We can do a trade study to determine which of multiple potential thermal solutions offers the best performance and value.


ACT has a staff of thermal engineers who are fully competent in both CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and heat transfer analysis. Our thermal engineers are fluent in commercial software packages and can also create or modify computational codes as required. ACT’s thermal engineering professionals have simulated thermal phenomenon at all lengths and scales including the atomic (Ab Initio, Molecular Dynamics), microscopic (Boltzmann Transport Equation, Phase Field Modeling) and macroscopic (CFD, FEA). ACT also develops custom codes for analyses involving multiple phases and components, including: heat pipes, heat sinks, vapor chambers two phase boiling flows, thermal storage using Phase Change Materials and chemical reaction mechanisms. Whether it’s a simple heat sink extrusion or a high heat flux pumped two phase loop, our engineers can design and specify a solution that is appropriate for your project and budget.


Along with our in-house volume manufacturing, we offer custom thermal management component and system prototyping. We offer high quality, fast turnaround on heat pipes, vapor chambers, as well as full solutions including integration with Thermoelectric coolers, power electronics laser devices, etc. Along with passive thermal solutions such as heat pipes and phase change materials, ACT also builds thermal storage devices, pumped liquid and two phase systems.


ACT has in-house volume manufacturing operations that are certified under ISO9001:2008 and AS 9100 C quality standards. We have a heat pipe manufacturing line that produces >250,000 heat pipes annually which are then integrated into a variety thermal management devices for military, aerospace, and commercial applications.


Our laboratory includes a host of testing and characterization equipment from standard data acquisition systems to high temperature and high heat flux testing metrology equipment. Our experienced quality-conscious technicians ensure all testing is performed in accordance with industry standards

More Product Information

Total power subsystem integration
  • Ethernet communication
  • Full sub-system wiring
  • Single P.O.
  • Custom interface to suit customer requirements

  • Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
    • High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience - improves system accuracy and reduces field testing, debug times.
  • Flexible configuration
    • The system comprises one or more high quality commercial signal generators plus an Interference Combination Unit (ICU), and offers a very broad range of interfering signal options.
  • Powerful software
    • GSS7765 is supported by Spirent’s SimGEN™ for Windows® software suite supporting three operating modes.
  • Scalable
    • The GSS7765 supports up to four fully independent interference sources by the addition of extra generators to the single-source base configuration.

  • The Spirent GSS7725 is a dedicated RF interference generator that turns I/Q files into interference signals.
  • Combined with a GNSS simulator, the GSS7725 lets you test your chipset or device in a variety of different interference environments, under controlled, repeatable conditions.
  • Unlike other standalone interference generators, the GSS7725 seamlessly integrates with Spirent GNSS simulators, test packs and automation tool.
  • The I/Q files that the GSS7725 uses to generate RF interference waveforms can be loaded from a variety of sources. These include:
    • The Spirent Vulnerabilities and Threats Test Pack – this contains 33 pre-recorded interference signals, covering a broad spectrum of real-world interference types
    • The Spirent GSS200D – you can access interference you have recorded and stored in PT Cloud
    • Spirent Professional Services – we can work with you to develop the custom I/Q files you need
  • Want to test even faster? The GSS7725 works alongside Spirent PT TestBench to support automated testing of RF interference scenarios.

  • Because intentional or unintentional Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are impacting GNSS performance, knowing your RF environment is critical. Spirent GSS200D is a truly end-to-end solution that builds up a complete picture of interference activity at site of interest. It continuously monitors the GNSS frequency bands for interference, captures and analyses them.
  • The GSS200D is the world’s first detection system that operates simultaneously on multi-frequency.
  • Easy and secure
    • PT Cloud
      • RFI “events” are automatically uploaded on PT Cloud, Spirent’s secure cloud infrastructure. Access the results and manage your GSS200D via secure authentication and a simple web browser.
      • Discover PT Cloud’s data analytics and visualization tools, enabling monitoring over time and in-depth trend analysis.
  • A comprehensive picture of your RF environment
    • The GSS200D can enable correlation between observed performance issues and the threats that caused them, confirm that a particular installation is contaminated or uncontaminated by RF interference.
    • It can help to differentiate nonintentional interference from jamming, distinguish different jammers or identify multiple detections of the same jammers.
    • It provides quantified information that can support the development of effective countermeasures.

  • Built for the most demanding tests
    • The GSS6450 can record any RF in the 100MHz-6,000MHz frequency range - including any current GNSS signal, 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, and Cellular. With the capability to record at up to 16 bits ‘I’ & 16 bits ‘Q’ and the flexibility to select any 80MHz band within the frequency range, the GSS6450 can be configured to meet your testing requirements - even as they evolve.
  • Record – anytime, anywhere.
    • At 2.2kg the GSS6450 is easily the world’s smallest 16-bit RF record & playback system. It’s compact and light enough to be worn in a bag or over the shoulder – making it perfect for the advanced testing of wearable technology.
  • Upgrade as your needs change
    • The GSS6450 is designed to grow with your test needs. If you start with the base system, it’s easy to upgrade as your test requirements change.

  • Wide range of constellations supported
    • The GSS6425 can record and replay multiple frequencies from all global navigation satellite systems. It can capture GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2/L3, Beidou-2 B1/B2/B3, Galileo E1/E1a/E5a/E5b/E6, QZSS L1/L2/L5, SBAS signals and services (Terrastar, Omnistar, StarFire).
  • Recreate rich real world environment inside the lab
    • With 2 bit I\Q quantization GSS6425 can easily record complex real-world RF environments, capturing both GNSS signals and atmospheric/interference effects. These environments can then be replayed repeatedly to the hardware or software under test.
  • Test in variety of applications
    • By recording data from external sources (sensor, inertial, CAN bus, up to 4 streams of video) synchronously with GNSS signals, various application areas can be developed or tested with GSS6425.
  • Highly portable and easy to use
    • Self-contained and simple to use, with one-touch recording and no need for an external PC. Can also be controlled over Wi-Fi using laptop, PDA or smartphone. Battery life of 1.5 hours.

  • Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
    • Developed from Spirent’s industry leading GSS9000 platform - built on 30 years’ experience – it puts your designs and systems through rigorous testing. Nothing less is good enough for high-precision/critical applications.
  • Flexible configuration
    • Supports signals and frequencies including GPS L1/L2/L5, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou-2, SBAS, and QZSS – enabling you to futureproof your systems.
  • Powerful software
    • The GSS9790 uses Spirent’s world-leading simulation software SimGEN™ for scenario design, and simulation run-time control.
  • Flexible solution
    • Up to 10 individual RF outputs per unit enables both composite output and single-SV-per-output testing, supporting both conducted and OTA test scenarios.

  • Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
    • High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience – puts your designs and systems through rigorous testing. Nothing less is good enough for high-precision/critical applications.
  • Flexible configuration
    • The GSS9000 supports all GNSS signals and frequencies, including regional augmentation systems and classified/restricted signals. It is future-proof for all advances in GNSS signals and services.
  • Powerful software
    • The GSS9000 uses Spirent’s world-leading simulation software SimGEN™ for scenario design, and simulation run-time control.
  • Custom solutions
    • The power and flexibility of the GSS9000 with SimGEN™ make it the fundamental platform on which many customised solutions can be built, from wavefront simulation for CRPA test to bespoke signal generation and manipulation for specialised requirements.

  • Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
    • High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience - improves product robustness and reduces field testing, debug times. Reveal the true performance of the device under test, not the poor performance of the test tool.
  • Accessible, flexible and modular configurations
    • The GSS7000 supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou-2 signals, for testing all types of signals. Software, constellations and options can be added via easy, affordable in-field upgrades.
  • Full multi-constellation simulation
    • Up to 256 channels are supported across 4 frequency bands allowing full simultaneous simulation of all GNSS systems plus more than enough channels for rich multipath.
  • Powerful software levels
    • Choose from 3 software packages (SimTEST, SimREPLAYplus, or SimGEN) to suit different test requirements, applications and test budgets.
  • Collaborative features
    • Scenarios, motion information and other data can be imported and shared with colleagues.


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