Aeroflex 5220 Series Power Manufacturing Defects Analyzer

Aeroflex 5220 Series Power Manufacturing Defects Analyzer

Product Overview:

  • High speed high accuracy
  • Programmable power supplies for "powered up" tests 
  • Automatic program generation (CAPG)
  • Simple program debug environment (TPG) 
  • Automatic debug of in-circuit tests 
  • Vector-less test 
  • Capacitor polarity and vector-less test 
  • In-circuit capacitor polarity tests



The 5220 is a very compact system that combines high test speed and high accuracy with the ability to test a wide range of component types, effectively blurring the line between MDA, or analog in-circuit, and full digital in-circuit. It is equally suitable for use in low-cost bench top applications or high volume automated production lines, where its high test speed assists in maximizing production output.

With its simple and intuitive programming environment, the 5200 Series does not require the high-level programming skills sometimes demanded by high-end in-circuit testers. This assists in the speedy implementation of analog in-circuit test programs, reducing the "Time to Market" of any new electronic product and as such controlling costs.