Aeroflex 6840A Series RF & Microwave System Analyzer

Aeroflex 6840A Series RF & Microwave System Analyzer

Product Overview:

6840A Series Microwave System Analyzers provide an integrated solution to system, subsystem and component testing.
Synthesized signal source, spectrum analyzer and scalar analyzer in a single instrument.
  • 9 variants covering 1 MHz to 46 GHz
  • Group delay option tests through frequency conversion systems and components
  • Offset gain compression facility for testing of mixers and frequency converters
  • USB for results transfer, storage and printing
  • Dual channel display for simultaneous wide and narrow band measurements
  • Comprehensive marker functions
  • Modular design for rapid service
  • Microwave Mixer Measurement System
    This measurement system, based around the IFR 6800A Series RF & Microwave Scalar and System Analyzers and the 6813A Microwave Generator, is designed to provide selective measurements of mixers and frequency converters during alignment and testing. The 6813 acts as the local oscillator input for the mixer under test while the 6840A Series unit provides both the mixer RF input and the receiver for the IF output port.



Aeroflex has taken the instruments that form a microwave test bench and combined them into a single unit. The result is the 6800A Series: a unique product - integrating a signal source, spectrum analyzer and three-input scalar analyzer that allows more tests to be performed faster and more precisely than ever before.

The 6800A is more than simply unique: it is the world's most comprehensive RF and microwave component and subsystem analyzer. The signal source can be used as a simple CW output, as a swept source for network measurements or, uniquely, as a tracking generator with any frequency offset. This power and versatility makes the 6800A the first choice for RF and microwave component and subsystem testing.

Spectrum Analyzer

  • 3 MHz to 1 kHz resolution filters
  • 80 dB instantaneous distortion-free dynamic range
  • Autotune mode for fast signal location
  • High dynamic range scalar measurement with tuned receiver
  • Full span tracking generator with offset tracking capability
  • Integral frequency counter for accurate signal identification

Scalar Analyzer

  • Fast sweep speeds for tuning and alignment
  • EEPROM corrected scalar detectors for precision scalar measurements
  • Accurate return loss measurements with 40 dB directivity autotesters
  • AC and DC detection modes to maximize dynamic range
  • Power sweep for amplifier compression measurements

filters and duplexers
passive devices, cables, loads and attenuators



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