Aeroflex 7700 Integrated Microwave Test Solution

Product Overview:

A Complete RF Test Environment
  • Delivered ready to test with a full-featured execution and development environment
  • Full set of common RF measurements
  • Fully integrated Device Under Test (DUT) control and power
  • Fully integrated control of peripherals such as temperature chambers
  • Architected to support ATE
Complex Device Testing Capable
  • Frequency range 1 MHz to 6 GHz (expandable to 26.5 GHz)
  • Complete measurement suite including S-parameters for full characterization of devices such as LNAs, VCOs, and transceiver modules
  • Control of device states built into measurements
A True Synthetic Architecture
  • Utilizes a common set of hardware for all stimulus and response functions
  • Smaller footprint than traditional “rack and stack” instruments
  • Mature system level calibration scheme
  • Reduced hardware cost compared to full instrument-based test system
  • New capability can be incrementally added at low cost with little impact to existing measurement sequences


The 7700 is a complete automated test system housed in an incredibly small footprint. The solution includes a fully-functional test executive called the Aeroflex Measurement Console (AMC). Using the production test sequences provided with the base model, the 7700 includes the capability to emulate the functionality of the following instrumentation:

  • Vector signal generator
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Vector network analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Power meter
  • Frequency counter
  • Noise figure meter
  • Microwave transition analyzer

The 7700 does not just replace test equipment. It is a fully integrated ATE solution that has the capability to control all aspects of production test including the DUT, remote switching hardware, thermal chambers, etc.


Frequency Range: 1 MHz- 6 GHz

RF Modulation BW: 90 MHz

Frequency Switching Times: <1 msec

Output Power: >100 dB

Phase Noise (20 KHz offset): -115 dBc/Hz

Residual noise floor: <-120 dBm

Total Dynamic Range: 90 dB

DANL (1 Hz res bandwidth)

0.1 to 1 GHz: -164 dBm/Hz

1 to 3 GHz: -159 dBm/Hz

More Product Information

  • Compliant with the Card Electro-mechanical Specification Rev 1.1 and 2.0
  • Support for system and add-in card testing
  • Integrated SigTest libraries into the oscilloscope software enables automation of the exact algorithms used for compliance testing
  • Connection diagrams display proper setup using the PCI-SIG Compliance Base Boards and Compliance Load Boards.
  • Report generation incorporates CEM test assertions for 2.5Gb/s, 5.0Gb/s with 3.5dB of de-emphasis and 5.0Gb/s with 6.0 dB of de-emphasis
  • Simple and easy-to-use automated testing

  • Compliance with IEEE 802.3ap-2007 Specifications
  • QPHY-10GBase-KR provides automated setup of test instrument and measurements of required jitter parameters: TJ, RJ, DJ, DCD and Bitrate
  • Automated test framework for measuring transmitter equalization levels
  • Comprehensive test report generation and stores all waveforms
  • Powerful SDA II analysis package helps to find the root cause of failures

  • Compliant with all normative and informative source tests as described in Version 1.4a of the VESA Embedded DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Guideline
  • Supports up to 5.4 Gb/s testing, for full coverage of all bit rates covered in the eDP 1.4 compliance test guideline
  • Connection diagrams help to make sure that you get the correct setup on the first try
  • QualiPHY report generation creates comprehensive reports with all pertinent test information
  • Powerful and flexible analysis tools offer unmatched insight for diagnosing and solving elusive problems

  • Software-driven design allows for field updates for adding new features, capability or modifications due to industry changes
  • TCAS and ADS-B Target Generator
  • Simulates 32 dynamic/400 static intruders
  • ADS-B squitter encode/decode
  • More test capability than any tester in the market, all packed into one box
  • Pulse and frequency measurement
  • Transponder test option for Modes A, C, S
  • Optional Command set emulation for SDX-2000, ATC-1400A and S-1403DL
  • 10.4 inch touch screen LCD display for operator control of all test set capabilities or can be remotely controlled via GPIB or Ethernet
  • Four port antenna simulation
  • Hybrid surveillance
  • Six independent transmitters and two receivers
  • Data parsing for analysis

  • DoD AIMS 03-1000A Mark XIIA (Mode 5 level 1 and 2) certified *
  • Transponder Test Set Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, S, and Mode 5 * (Level 1 & 2)
  • Mode S Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Interrogator Test Set Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, S, TCAS, ETCAS and Mode 5 * (Level 1 & 2)
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Factory upgrade kits available for APM-424(V)3 and TS-4530 units
* APM-424(V)5 only

  • Complete Synthetic Test Environment 
    Hardware, software, processes, support
  • Optimized for T/R Module 
    Test Test Module Subassemblies, Modules & Multi-module Assemblies on One System
  • Highest Test Throughput Available
  • Proven Systems Deployment 
    5th Generation Solution – Major Customers Worldwide
  • Full Range of Required Mixed Signal Capabilities 
    DC, Digital, Analog, RF/Microwave
  • System Level Architecture 
    Calibration, Verification, Alignment
  • Open System Architecture 
    System Hardware & Software, TPSs

  • Mode S level 1-4, (level automatically determined), FAR Part 43 appendix F, (including proposed Eurocontrol extension), Eurocontrol Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Quickly and easily provides accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity. Predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder.
  • ICAO Annex 10 amendment 77
  • TIS
  • IFF Modes 1 & 2 and TACAN
  • Tests any DME 1 MHz spaced X or Y channel. Measurements include: interrogator transmitter frequency/peak power, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), P1/P2 width and pulse spacing. Provides accurate range and velocity simulation, station ident, squitter control.
  • TACAN Test Modes; T/R Norm, T/R Range Only, T/R Inverse, A/A Beacon, A/A Range Only and A/A Inverse
  • Simulates the airborne environment necessary to allow verification/certification of proper operation of an aircraft’s TCAS I and II as well as E-TCAS installations.
  • Detachable directional antenna
  • Large 5.7-inch LCD display
  • Simple user interface
  • Lightweight at less than 8 lbs.

Standard Features
  • Test ILS / VOR / MKR / ADF and VHF COMM functions, including SELCAL
  • Over-the-air and return-to-service testing
  • AM, FM and data capability
  • SCPI compatible software driver command sets
  • GPIB remote programming interface
  • 100 kHz to 3 GHz RF signal generator range
  • Large touch-screen color display
Optional Features
  • 250 KHz to 3 GHz spectrum analyzer, with custom analysis tools
  • 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT Beacon (ELT) testing
  • VHF Comm TX and DME TX analyzer

  • Easy to operate/calibrate
  • Annual calibration
  • Lightweight / portable
  • Rechargeable battery or externally powered
  • Percent of battery capacity displayed
  • Self-test on power-up
  • Measures DC voltage
  • Manual or Auto Ranging
  • 2 and 3 Wire Meggar
  • Compliant with Boeing Spec 10-61959 Rev H
  • MIL-STD-810 Method 511.4 certified
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Tests any AC or DC capacitive fuel, water, LOX/engine oil or other AC capacitive system*

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