Aeroflex IFR 6015 Military Flightline Test Set

Product Overview:

  • Mode S level 1-4, (level automatically determined), FAR Part 43 appendix F, (including proposed Eurocontrol extension), Eurocontrol Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Quickly and easily provides accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity. Predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder.
  • ICAO Annex 10 amendment 77
  • TIS
  • IFF Modes 1 & 2 and TACAN
  • Tests any DME 1 MHz spaced X or Y channel. Measurements include: interrogator transmitter frequency/peak power, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), P1/P2 width and pulse spacing. Provides accurate range and velocity simulation, station ident, squitter control.
  • TACAN Test Modes; T/R Norm, T/R Range Only, T/R Inverse, A/A Beacon, A/A Range Only and A/A Inverse
  • Simulates the airborne environment necessary to allow verification/certification of proper operation of an aircraft’s TCAS I and II as well as E-TCAS installations.
  • Detachable directional antenna
  • Large 5.7-inch LCD display
  • Simple user interface
  • Lightweight at less than 8 lbs.


The IFR 6015 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing Transponder Modes 1,2,3A,C,S, TCAS I, II, and Military E-TCAS, TIS as well as DME/TACAN.

IFF Modes 1,2 and TACAN are standard on all new units.
For upgrades to existing units contact Aeroflex.

NSN: 6625-01-574-2423

EXPORT CONTROL:This product is subject to the Export Administration (“EAR”) (15 CFR 730-774) and may not be exported, re-exported or otherwise transferred to a foreign person, or outside the United States without authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Available through your GSA Supplier  

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Physical Characteristics


  • Test set only
    • 11.2”H x 9.1”W x 2.7”D
    • 28.4 cm x 23.1 cm x 6.8 cm
  • w/ standard access.
    • 24” H x 21”W x 12”D
    • 61 cm x 53.3 cm x 30.4 cm
  • Weight:
    • 8 lbs., 3.6 kg (test set only)
    • 34 lbs., 15.4 kg (shipping weight)


Use: Pollution Degree 2

Altitude: < 4800 meters

Operating Temp: -20°C to 55°C

Storage Temp: -30°C to 71°C

Relative Humidity: 95% (±5%) from 5° to 30°C 75% (±5%) from 30° to 40°C 45% (±5%) from 40° to 55°C

Test Set Certifications

MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 2





See Product Specification Sheet for complete certification list.

Current Software Available

Version: 2.13.00

Export licensing is required. 
For a detailed Information Bulletin, and to obtain a copy of the latest software, please click here to contact:

IFR 6015 Manuals

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IFR 6015 Operation Manual

Issue 9


More Product Information

  • Accurate measurement of 121.5/243 MHz emergency beacon transmitter frequency, output power, modulation (AM). Headphone audio output to monitor swept tone *
  • Accurate measurement of 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT emergency beacon transmitter frequency, output power. Decode and display of all location and user protocols *
  • Accurate measurement of HF transmitter, frequency, output power, modulation (AM and SSB USB/LSB) receiver sensitivity
  • Accurate measurement of VHF/UHF transmitter, frequency, output power, modulation (AM and FM and receiver sensitivity)
  • Generation of ARINC 596 Selective Calling Tones
  • Accurate measurement of VHF/UHF antenna and or feeder SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)
  • Simulation of Localizer and Glideslope (CAT I, II and III) signals with variable DDM settings
  • Swept Localizer DDM for coupled Auto Pilot testing (Simultaneous Localizer, Glideslope and Marker signals)
  • Simulation of Marker Beacon, Selectable Airways (Z), Outer and Middle Marker Tones
  • Guided Test capability cuts down total test time

  • Individual test modes: Mode S, ATCRBS Transponder, DME, TCAS, TIS, ADS-B MON/ ADS-B GEN (DO-260A/B), 978MHz UAT
  • Large keys for gloved operation
  • Simple user interface
  • Lightweight and compact at 8 lbs.
  • Battery operation 6 hours plus between charges
  • Fully FAR part 43 appendix F compliant
  • Transponder Auto-Test
  • Data dump of transponder test results to PC
  • Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance parameters (DAP’s)
  • Transponder level automatically determined and capability checked to avoid nuisance Auto-Test failures
  • Comprehensive GICB test
  • Configuration files for different classes of transponder
  • Comprehensively tests any DME channel
  • including track sensitivity
  • User selectable TCAS scenarios
  • TCAS fast scenario feature uses Auto Altitude and Converge to ensure automatic collision at zero range
  • Over-the-air or direct-connect operation
  • Parametric measurements including TX power and frequency
  • USB flash drive software update via web site download
  • Optional ADS-B capabilities are DO-260A/B compliant
  • Optional TCAS and 978 MHz UAT capability
  • Optional testing using UC-584 Coupler

  • Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types
  • Tests pulse radio altimeters (non-pulse compression types)
  • Direct-connect to UUT T/R or to installed system via antenna couplers
  • Full RF loop test allows TX, RX, Antenna or Feeder faults to be identified
  • Multi-channel operation (via additional test sets)
  • Programmable multi-leg climb/descend profiles
  • Large touch-screen display with simple user interface
  • Remote control interface USB/LAN
  • Lightweight and compact about 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Battery 4 hours plus duration

  • Solid-state circuits and LCD backlit display for low power consumption and high reliability
  • Battery-powered for complete portability and ease of maintenance
  • Lightweight aluminum case has hinged compartment in lid for test lead storage
  • Small size permits testing in restricted spaces
  • Push-button "extended range" switch permits readings up to 9,999 pf or 10,000 megohms - over-range indication on LCD
  • Tested and approved for use in any function with fuel in tanks; battery power eliminates need for voltage (safety) checks

  • Tests military pulse radio altimeters: AN/APN-171(V), AN/APN-194(V) and AN/APN-209(V), including LPI variants
  • Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types
  • Fast detector for tracking LPI radio altimeters with TX power management
  • Direct-connect to UUT transmit/receive port or to installed system via antenna couplers
  • Ratio-metric RF loop test allows TX, RX, antenna or feeder faults to be identified
  • Programmable multi-leg climb/descend profiles
  • Large color touch-screen display with simple user interface
  • Remote control interface (Ethernet)
  • Lightweight and compact <10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Battery 4 hours plus duration
  • Software upgradeable

  • Ruggedized 1U 800 Watts UPS weighing less than 26 Lbs.
  • DC Output can be configured for 12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC, or 48VDC.
  • Stack & Interconnect Design for 800/1600/2400/3200/4000 Watts.
  • Dual Hot Swap Battery Modules @ 3 Lbs Each – 9+ Min Hold Time.
  • AC/DC Input Power BackPlane Connections with Auto Sensing/Switching.
  • Dual Computer Controlled Inverter N+1 Design.
  • Over Voltage Capacity for Managed In-Rush and Startup Demands.
  • Over Voltage and Over Temperature Protection Circuits.
  • SNMP Based Network Connectivity for Monitoring & Status Reporting hosted within the BPM.
  • Audible Power Loss Alarm.
  • Lightning Protection & Safety Ground Connection via the BPM.
  • Break generation and detection
  • Parity, overrun, and error detection
  • Even, odd, or no parity
  • 1, 1 1/2, or 2 stop bits
  • Asynchronous features
  • 5, 6, 7, or 8 bits/character
  • Double Eurocard form factor
  • Four programmable baud rate generators
  • Uses four industry-standard 25-pin subminiature D connectors
  • Modem control lines for each channel
  • Self-test capability
  • Programmable interrupt capability
  • 0 to 1 Mbaud data rate
  • RS-232C, RS-423, RS-422A, and RS-485 compatible
  • Fully programmable synchronous/asynchronous operation
  • Four full-duplex channels
  • A16:D8
  • Synchronous features

  • COTS AVC rugged forced air chassis
    • 9x 6U CompactPCI slots
    • MIL-C-38999 connectors
    • Hermetically sealed/wash-down, EMI
  • 6x Intel-based single board computers
  • Linux operating system
  • BIT/EBIT support
  • I/O capabilities
    • Ethernet
    • Serial
  • Qualified on: 
    • Ground vehicles
    • Airborne vehicles

  • Software-driven design allows for field updates for adding new features, capability or modifications due to industry changes
  • TCAS and ADS-B Target Generator
  • Simulates 32 dynamic/400 static intruders
  • ADS-B squitter encode/decode
  • More test capability than any tester in the market, all packed into one box
  • Pulse and frequency measurement
  • Transponder test option for Modes A, C, S
  • Optional Command set emulation for SDX-2000, ATC-1400A and S-1403DL
  • 10.4 inch touch screen LCD display for operator control of all test set capabilities or can be remotely controlled via GPIB or Ethernet
  • Four port antenna simulation
  • Hybrid surveillance
  • Six independent transmitters and two receivers
  • Data parsing for analysis

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