Aeroflex IQCreator® Software

Aeroflex IQCreator® Software

Product Overview:

IQCreator® is a fully functional application that complements the comprehensive product offering from Aeroflex to facilitate testing of the most common standards in communication. Apart from the ability to generate standard waveforms, it is possible to load user generated files in binary or ASCII format to be converted and packaged into a form that can be downloaded into the modules for playback.



IQCreator® enables a user to design waveform files from simple generic or system specific templates as well as convert a user’s own waveform into compatible formats.

Waveforms designed in IQCreator® can include signal impairments and time markers to aid synchronization. Graphical displays of the waveform’s FFT, vector and constellation diagrams, etc. can be viewed and exported for use in other Windows™ applications.

In addition to storing generated waveforms, a user may save configurations that may later be recalled and easily modified. Where supported waveforms can be downloaded directly into the instrument from IQCreator®.

For full product specifications, look in "Data Sheets & Downloads"


IQCreator® is suitable for the generation of single carrier generic or framed signals as well as multi-carrier and multi-tone signals. It also allows users to package and download their own I/Q data files generated in third party software tools such as MATLAB®.

• Generic PSK, FSK, QAM or framed CDMA, TDMA, WLAN, WPAN, WMAN modulation types
• Tones or multi-carrier
• Nyquist, Root Nyquist, Low Pass, Gaussian and user defined filters
• PRBS, fixed pattern and user-defined data sources
• 4 markers with automatic burst control
• RF burst or IQ level profiling
• IQ errors and AWGN
• Spectrum, CCDF, vector, constellation, code domain power
• IQ vs. time
• Amplitude vs. time
• Phase vs. time
• Frequency vs. time
• Download and file management utility
• On-line help