Aligned Vision - BuildGuide

Aligned Vision - BuildGuide

Product Overview:

  • BUILDGUIDE Centralizes Process Control
  • Eliminates Paper Instruction
  • Improves Build Consistency

BUILDGUIDE Centralizes Process Control
A system powerful enough to laser-project precise, step-by-step guidance for composites layup operations is also powerful enough to guide and control work processes that do not involve lasers. Like debulks. Or like the full work-instruction set for straightforward layups that do not require laser guidance.

Aligned Vision makes process control easy to implement and utilize with our BUILDGUIDE Process Control Suite. BUILDGUIDE works with any LASERGUIDE or LASERVISION system. With BUILDGUIDE, your engineers easily insert non-layup tasks in the electronic layup sequence.

Eliminates Paper Instruction
At each workstation, BUILDGUIDE directs operators through process steps on an Android remote, which they can use at the tool. One multitasking controller oversees up to 8 remotes at different workstations. Each operator accesses a complete set of electronic work instructions, including both layup and non-layup tasks.

Improves Build Consistency
Mandatory barcode ply verification ensures that the laminate sequence is correct. Mandatory debulks occur at the prescribed process point, vacuum and duration under BUILDGUIDE’s debulk supervision and countdown timer.
BUILDGUIDE automatically produces detailed electronic documentation, including build details and electronic buy-offs, so your inspectors and operators don’t have to. This feature not only helps to optimize cycle time, but also provides your customers with lifetime as-built data.