Aligned Vision - Fabrication Management

Aligned Vision - Fabrication Management

Product Overview:

  • The system automatically imports a design file and generates a laser projection program.
  • An Engineer uses drop-down menus to insert non-layup commands into a single, electronic set of work instructions.
  • Operators advance work instructions via remote control at the tool.
  • The system ensures that debulks and other non-layup tasks occur as scheduled and as specified.
  • Inspections are automatically completed with one touch of the remote.
  • The system automatically populates build reports and generates comprehensive documentation – an as-built digital twin – for full traceability.



Payoff is the key difference between industrial equipment and an engineered solution. To ensure that our customers maximize their payoff from investments in our technology, Aligned Vision has produced the first – and still the only – complete Fabrication Management Solution for composites.

How does an investment in this solution pay off? In effect, Aligned Vision’s Fabrication Management Solution provides an industrial data autobahn for fabricators to communicate and capture design/build information. It streamlines production while simultaneously maximizing as-built data about each individual component.