Aligned Vision - LASERVISION

Product Overview:

  • Next Generation technology provides superior accuracy, persistence, and reliability
  • One projector does the job of many
  • Fast target finding reduces registration time
  • Ideal for long range projection
  • Multitasking: Each individual projection displays multiple simultaneous jobs


LASERVISION extends Assembly Guidance's industry-leading automated laser technology to the full build cycle. The system projects design data to the tool or work surface with the same technology as our proven LASERGUIDE system; and then it automatically captures and analyzes build data, archiving both data and imagery. Complete fabrication management is accomplished by one system.

Assembly Guidance achieves this capability by integrating an imaging system with our reliable laser guidance technology. LASERVISION's imaging component, like its projection component, draws information directly from design data. With LASERVISION's inspection capabilities, the system can:

Auto-aim its imaging system accurately and efficiently

  • Project design data such as edge locations and fiber orientations onto the inspection zone
  • Capture images and conduct automated analysis
  • Direct the operator to any suspect areas
  • Create documentation, including images, of each inspection site

LASERVISION replaces cumbersome, time-consuming manual inspection, reducing inspection time from minutes (or hours) to seconds. LASERVISION also replaces the human inspector with computer-driven analysis & and accuracy.


LASERVISION has the same system requirements as our well-established LASERGUIDE system. The LASERVISION system runs with standard 3D manufacturing data from the design model, which is easily extracted with a variety of standard software tools. Specific process control commands are easily added.


Accuracy and repeatability are ensured through LASERVISION's qualification procedures. And decades from now, data specific to the fabrication of each component can be accessed by OEMs and end users, liminating any guesswork about the component's lifetime performance capabilities.
LASERVISION provides inexpensive, automatic, rapid, quantitative and traceable quality data that eliminate the human limitations in production quality monitoring. Cost and time savings as well as scrap minimization result from:

  • Quantitative traceability
  • Avoidance of human errors in manufacturing and quality control
  • Peace of mind that the manufacturing process is done correctly


Size: 19.5" x 11" x 11" (49.4 x 28 x 28 cm)

Weight: 45 lbs (20.5 kg)

Mounting Yoke: 7.5 lbs (3.5 kg)

Projection Angle: 60° (± 30°)

Accuracy: 0.015" (0.38 mm); Standard field: 10'² (9 m²); 10' (3 m) from projector.  Meets Boeing D6-55902 requirements

Beam Color: Green (532 mm)

Laser Line Width: 0.020"-0.075" (0.5-2 mm)

Laser Class: CDRH Class II/ IEC Class 2

Communication: Ethernet (RJ45) or RS-232 (D89)

Power Requirements: 110-240 VAC 50/60Hz

Set-up Requirements (interchangeability): Plug and Play (no programming required)

Tool Location Requirements: None (can be placed in any orientation)

Advanced Focus: Adjustable from computer

Certification: *Meeting Boeing D6-55902 since 1993 (spec inspection)

Warranty: Two Years

More Product Information

  • BUILDGUIDE Centralizes Process Control
  • Eliminates Paper Instruction
  • Improves Build Consistency
  • Communications and information are available at the tool location
  • Negates the need for the operator to walk to the computer
  • Text always right side up compared to text projected directly onto a part

  • The system automatically imports a design file and generates a laser projection program.
  • An Engineer uses drop-down menus to insert non-layup commands into a single, electronic set of work instructions.
  • Operators advance work instructions via remote control at the tool.
  • The system ensures that debulks and other non-layup tasks occur as scheduled and as specified.
  • Inspections are automatically completed with one touch of the remote.
  • The system automatically populates build reports and generates comprehensive documentation – an as-built digital twin – for full traceability.

LASERGUIDE uses 4 to 24 retro-reflective targets on the tool per projector to establish the location of the tool relative to each laser projector. Typical Targets are 0.50" diameter with a 0.1" or 0.2" diameter in retro-reflective spot centered at the top face.

These portable, belt-mounted printers provide flexibility to the operator by allowing him to use both hands for other tasks. The printers can accommodate to different label sizes and can be used wireless or with a cable. They allow the operator to control the pace while kitting using KitGuide.
A single seat of LASERGUIDE software provides functions that would require many seats and setups of software from other laser suppliers. LASERGUIDE software supports unique capabilities that reduce the time, skill and effort required to accurately and efficiently manufacture parts.

  • Next Generation technology provides superior accuracy, persistence, and reliability
  • One projector does the job of many
  • easy to handle, mount, and relocated by a single operator
  • Ideal for confined area or projection throughout a sphere
  • Multitasking: each individual  projector displays multiple simultaneous jobs

  • Next Generation technology provides superior accuracy, persistence, and reliability
  • One projector does the job of many
  • Fast target finding reduces registration time
  • Ideal for long range projection
  • Multitasking: each individual projector displays multiple simultaneous jobs

  • Reduces large system cycle time by streamlining manual tasks
  • Controls lasers from the same interface as the rest of the system
  • Appropriate specialized displays on the interface for the automated system
  • Costs for stand-alone laser software, control computer and control cabinet
  • Enables system software engineers to optimize laser functions through SDK

Aligned Vision

Aligned Vision, located in Chelmsford, MA, is the world leader in industrial laser projection. Our laser projectors are used by aerospace, wind turbine, F1 racing, and automotive companies to manufacture composite parts. Laser projectors produce accurate templates of light from design data. This function streamlines manufacturing by eliminating process steps that consume time and are prone to error. The projectors also save time and money by expediting inspection.

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