Aligned Vision - Repairable Targets

Aligned Vision - Repairable Targets

Product Overview:

LASERGUIDE uses 4 to 24 retro-reflective targets on the tool per projector to establish the location of the tool relative to each laser projector. Typical Targets are 0.50" diameter with a 0.1" or 0.2" diameter in retro-reflective spot centered at the top face.



Targets are field-repairable with the Assembly Guidance Target Repair Kit. Target repair is much more cost-effective than purchasing replacement targets, providing additional long-term savings. Additional targets are available in standard metric units or custom dimensions, as required by the tool.


Type Options: 0°, 45°, or 90°

Offset Options (Height): 0.3125" or 0.5"

Spot Size Options: 0.1", 0.2" or 0.5"