Amergint - Range / Launch Site Systems

Amergint - Range / Launch Site Systems

Product Overview:

  • Network Gateways correlate and route serial data and time over IP networks, then regenerate that serial data and time at one or more sites.
  • Data Acquisition Applications capture, process, display, and record from sensors and other data sources.
  • Range Data Systems capture, process, record, route, and display data from telemetry sources.



Range Data Systems

Full Path Telemetry Processing

  • Antenna to User: RF over ethernet, software radios, high speed processing, and browser based displays.

Consolidate Equipment

  • One system for processing, recording, distribution, and visualization.

Security Hardened & High Availability

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux with IA hardening and support. Support for high redundancy configurations.



Mission Critical Data Acquisition

High Availability, High Performance

  • Distributed network architecture handles thousands of channels with <10 millisecond end-to-end latency.

Flexible I/O

  • Analog, discrete, serial, network, and custom sensor interfaces leverage commercial hardware coupled with our SOFTLINK software.

Data Commutation and Distribution

  • Raw and Engineering Unit (EU) data from the Current Value Table is commutated into network packets or PCM streams.

Data Processing, Recording, and Display

  • Engineering Unit and custom algorithm processing, record/playback of raw and EU data, craft data displays with browser based tools.


Network Gateways

Serial Over IP

  • Multiplex and demultiplex serial data streams between multiple sites. Simultaneous input and output streams from the same system.

Time-Data Correlation

  • Regenerated serial data streams have sub-microsecond time-data correlation (with a precision timing source).

Suite of Network Protocols

  • Use a combination of TCP, UDP, PGM, and our WAN Forward Error Correction to meet latency, QoS, and bandwidth constraints.