AVT Bigeye G-132 Cool - Peltier cooled CCD camera with ICX285, -20 °C

AVT Bigeye G-132 Cool - Peltier cooled CCD camera with ICX285, -20 °C

Product Overview:

  • Exposure time up to more than 4200 s
  • Excellent quantum efficiency
  • Gain (6 dB)
  • Binning (2x1, 2x2)
  • Exposure time 80077 µs to 4294 seconds (≈ 71 min)
  • Three look-up tables (LUTs)
  • Gamma (0.45, 0.5, 0.7)
  • Five storable user sets

Easy integration
The Bigeye G-132B Cool can be easily integrated into your application, since it is GigE Vision compliant and compatible with AVT's GigE SDKs. Additionally, this camera can be used with numerous third-party software solutions. 




The Bigeye G-132B Cool is a low noise CCD camera. It is distinguished by an outstandingly low dark current and an excellent quantum efficiency. The Bigeye G-132B Cool is designed to produce a superior image quality even at very long exposure times. 

  • GigE Vision, Multi-functional, user-configurable I/O interface
  • Sony ICX285 EXview HAD CCD sensor, 1280 x 1024 pixels, quantum efficiency @530 nm: 72%, exposure time up to 4292 s (≈ 71 min)
  • Reliable operation under rough industrial conditions

The Bigeye G-132B Cool is a prime quality CCD camera with dual level Peltier cooling. It is best suited for applications with the highest demands on image quality, especially under low-light conditions.
Typical applications:

  • Low-noise imaging (industrial and scientific imaging)
  • Image acquisition with long exposure times
  • Microscopy with high resolution
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Gel electrophoresis, DNA documentation
  • Non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects
  • Astronomy



IEEE 802.3 1000baseT
1280 × 1024
Sony ICX285
Sensor type
CCD Progressive
Sensor size
Type 2/3
Cell size
6.45 µm
Lens mount
Frame rate
12.5 fps
12 Bit
On-board FIFO
32 Mbyte
Bit depth
12 Bit
Mono modes
Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Opto-isolated I/Os
Operating conditions/dimensions
Operating temperature
0 °C ... 35 °C
Power consumption (@12 V)
max. <36 W, typ. <18 W
1270 g
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm)
100.8 × 90 × 99 mm incl. connectors, w/o lens
CE, RoHS (2011/65/EU), WEEE, FCC Class B


Spectral Response


Additional documents

Software and firmware

Vimba is our current future-proof SDK.

Other SDKs and tools are available on our Software downloads webpage.

To obtain firmware for your Bigeye camera, please contact our technical support team.