AVT Bigeye G-629 NIR Cool - Cooled 6 Megapixel camera, visible and NIR spectrum

AVT Bigeye G-629 NIR Cool - Cooled 6 Megapixel camera, visible and NIR spectrum

Product Overview:

  • 6 Megapixels resolution
  • Exposure time up to more than 4200 s
  • Gain (6 dB)
  • Exposure time 50688 µs to ≈ 71 minutes
  • Binning (2x1, 2x2)
  • Gamma (0.45, 0.5, 0.7)
  • Three look-up tables (LUTs)
  • Five storable user sets
Easy integration
The Bigeye G-629B Cool can be easily integrated into your application, since it is GigE Vision compliant and compatible with AVT's GigE SDKs. Additionally, this camera can be used with numerous third-party software solutions. 




The Bigeye G-629B Cool is a cooled CCD camera with 6 Megapixels resolution and a sensitive full frame sensor. This camera is optimal for applications with low light conditions requiring long exposure times.
The camera can operate with its internal long life electromechanical shutter or with external impulse light sources and constantly opened shutter.

  • GigE Vision, multi-functional, user-configurable I/O interface
  • OnSemi KAF 6303E sensor, 3072 x 2048 pixels, cooled to +5 °C (stabilized), quantum efficiency @530 nm: 49%, exposure time up to 4292 s (≈ 71 min)
  • Reliable operation under rough industrial conditions

The Bigeye G-629B Cool is a low-noise CCD camera with a very high dynamic range. It is best suited for applications with the highest demands on image quality. Due to the Peltier cooling, the camera is ideal for image acquisition with long exposure times.
Typical applications:

  • Low-noise imaging (industrial and scientific imaging)
  • Image acquisition with long exposure times
  • Microscopy with high resolution
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Gel electrophoresis, DNA documentation
  • Non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects
  • Astronomy



IEEE 802.3 1000baseT
3072 × 2048
OnSemi KAF-6303E
Sensor type
CCD Progressive
Sensor size
Type 35 mm
Cell size
9.0 x 9.0 µm
Lens mount
Frame rate
0.67 fps
14 Bit
On-board FIFO
32 Mbyte
Bit depth
14 Bit
Mono modes
Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed, Mono14
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Opto-isolated I/Os
Operating conditions/dimensions
Operating temperature
0 °C ... 35 °C
Power consumption (@12 V)
max. <37.2 W, typ. <18 W
1460 g
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm)
131.55 × 90 × 109 incl. connectors, w/o lens
CE, RoHS (2011/65/EU), WEEE, FCC Class B


Spectral Response


Additional documents

Software and firmware

Vimba is our current future-proof SDK.

Other SDKs and tools are available on our Software downloads webpage.

To obtain firmware for your Bigeye camera, please contact our technical support team.