AVT Goldeye G-032 short-wave infrared camera

AVT Goldeye G-032 short-wave infrared camera

Product Overview:

  • GigE Vision SWIR camera
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Compact industrial design, no fan
  • Exposure time control
  • Gain (analog)
  • I/O configuration and trigger control
  • Stream hold (deferred image output)
  • Storable user sets
  • Firmware update in the field

IR-specific features (camera and sensor)

  • Integrated correction data sets, compensation of sensor inhomogenities and  underlying structure (non-uniformity correction, NUC )
  • Defect pixel correction
  • Background correction
  • Automated and manual sensor temperature management via TEC Features
  • Temperature status LED

The Goldeye G-032 SWIR camera supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and data transmission with up to 100 m distance. Thanks to the integrated image optimization, the Goldeye is distinguished by an excellent image quality.

The fanless model is optimized especially for industrial applications. It enables an easy system integration thanks to various mounting options, screw locks, extensive I/O control as well as many machine vision features.
Benefits and features

  • InGaAs Sensor, spectral range 900 nm – 1700 nm (Shortwave infrared)
  • 25 μm x 25 μm cell size, 636 x 508 pixels, effektive chip size 15,9 mm x 12.7 mm
  • Temperature stabilisation through thermo-electric cooling elements (TEC)
  • More than 99.5% pixel operability
  • 14-bit digital signal processing
  • 100 fps (100 Hz)


  • Available with C-/F-/M42 Mount 

Goldeye cameras are compatible with Allied Vision's Vimba SDK. Moreover, in combination with Allied Vision’s AcquireControl software, extensive image analysis functions are available:

  • Pseudo color LUT with several color profiles
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto brightness
  • Analyze multiple regions (rectangular, circle) within the image
  • Real-time statistics and histogram display
  •  … and more

Goldeye cameras are very sensitive in the SWIR spectrum. They can be used in an extended operating temperature range. Thanks to TEC cooling and integrated image correction, Goldeye cameras achieve an outstanding image quality with little noise and a high dynamic range. They are well-suited for many typical SWIR applications in various industry branches:

  • Semiconductor industry: solar cell and chip inspection
  • Recyling industry: plastics sorting
  • Medical imaging, sciences: hyperspectral imaging, microscopy, OCT
  • Metal and glass industry: thermal imaging of hot objects (250 °C to 800 °C)
  • Agriculture industry: airborne remote sensing
  • Printing industry: banknote inspection
  • Electronics industry: laser beam profiling
  • Surveillance and security: vision enhancement (e.g., through fog or night vision)
  • … and many more

White Paper
To learn more about typical application fields for SWIR cameras, download our White Paper:
Seeing beyond the visible – short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras offer new application fields in machine vision



IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3af (PoE)
636 × 508
InGaAs FPA 636 x 508
Sensor type
Cell size
25 μm x 25 μm
Lens mount
C-/F-/M42 Mount
Frame rate
100 fps
14 Bit
On-board FIFO
265 Mbyte
Bit depth
8 - 14 bit Bit
Mono modes
Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed, Mono14
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Opto-isolated I/Os
1 Input, 2 Outputs
115 200 Baud, 8N1 (adjustable)
Operating conditions/dimensions
Operating temperature
-20 °C to +55 °C (Case)
Power requirements (DC)
10.8 V to 30.0 V or via PoE
Power consumption (@12 V)
10.8 W @ 12 V, <12.95 W @PoE
370 g (with C-Mount adapter)
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm)
78 × 55 × 55
CE, RoHS (2011/65/EU), WEEE, FCC part 15 class B


Spectral Response


3D CAD files (STEP)

Please right-click the link of a 3D camera model and select save as to download the file. After downloading,  unzip the STEP file. You need a 3D CAD viewer application to view and measure the STEP files. Download a STEP viewer free of charge: http://www.ida-step.net/

Software and firmware

Vimba is our current future-proof SDK.

AcquireControl is a viewer and image analysis application for our LWIR, SWIR, and cooled cameras.

To obtain firmware for your Goldeye camera, please contact our technical support team.