Brandywine ENTA II - High Performance NTP Server with IRIG-B for GPS Synchronization

Product Overview:

  • Versatile GPS Master Clock with IRIG-B reference input
  • Dual 10/100BaseT Network interface with Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Time Code Outputs, IRIG B, IRIG E, Have Quick
  • High Stability Ovenized oscillator is standard
  • Single string or dual redundant configuration


Brandywine’s Enhanced Network Time Appliance (ENTA) is a full function Network Time Server and Master Clock that offers the user precision time and frequencies in addition to the GPS synchronized time server.  This unit is fully compliant with the NENA requirements of a Master clock and is available with single and dual network ports.

The ENTA Network Time Server has multiple time code outputs available including: IRIG B, IRIG E, and Have Quick.  The ENTA II is a top of the line NTP server based on Brandywine’s proprietary IXO technology, providing the highest performance and technology of a GPS master clock at an affordable price.  This product is made at Brandywine's manufacturing center in Tustin, CA and is available in small to large quantities and with quick delivery.

The ENTA II is one of Brandywine's newer NTP Servers and with so many options, this is a great product for any system.  To see the Press Release on this new product click on ENTA II Press Release.

Reference Source GPS receiver
  IRIG B reader
  1PPS with manual entry of time
Unit select Input select via dry contact for selection of outputs in reduntant operation
Auxiliary DC Power External 24 VDC to drive timer or impulse clock outputs when >75mA drive is required
Control and Display Functions 10/100BaseT network port with integrated web server control, SNMP control, TELNET command set, NTP
Display Front panel display of HH:MM:ss
  Power LED
  Fault LED
Reset Switch Recess switfch used to restore unit to factory defaults
System Specifications  
Time Accuracy GPS <30ns
  Holdover < 1 microsecond/hour
Operating -20 to +50°C
Storage -55 to +85°C
Dimensions 19"W x 1.73"H (1U) x 9.5"D rack mount

More Product Information

  • Versatile GPS Master Clock with IRIG-B reference input
  • Dual 10/100BaseT Network interface with Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Time Code Outputs, IRIG B, IRIG E, Have Quick
  • High Stability Ovenized oscillator is standard
  • Single string or dual redundant configuration
  • Ruggedized for Shipboard Usage
  • Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

  • 3-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock Synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of output options
  • 1U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment front panel button for equipment configuration and control
  • Large alphanumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equipment configuartion stored in non-volatile memory

  • 9-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of outpout options
  • 3U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment button front panel keyboard for equipment configuration and control
  • Alphranumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equpment configuration stored in non-volatile memory

  • Compact size and low cost
  • Uses Network Time Protocol to synchronize computers and other devices
  • Programmable serial message compatible with almost any time display
  • GPS synchronized
  • LED colons indicate GPS lock status

  • Economic triple-port stratum 1 Network Time Server
  • Can act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode
  • Capable of synchronising up to 3 discrete networks independently
  • Client system accuracy to within 50 μs*
  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption.
  • Con guration and alarm reporting capabilities using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • 1pps output
  • Supports up to 1500 clients

  • 3/4 length board (1/2 size available w/o GPS input)
  • Optional Have Quick synchronization input
  • IRIG's A and B and NASA 36 time code inputs
  • 1PPS sync input
  • IRIG B output option
  • 1PPS and time code inputs are redundant
  • Single-slot including GPS option
  • Zero latency time reads
  • External Event input (optional eight or sixteen inputs)
  • Match Time output
  • Programmable Heartbeat rate

The WT1800E is a flexible and reliable power analyzer that guarantees power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range. It is capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. With up to 6 input channels, a wide range of display and analysis features, and PC connectivity, the WT1800E can handle broad variety of power efficiency and harmonic analysis requirements.

    • NVIDIA Maxwell architecture
    • 640 128-bit memory bus 
    • 2 Gbytes GDDR5 SDRAM
    • As used on NVIDIA GTX 850M
  • PCI Express
    • 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 capable (x16/x8/x4)
  • Support
    • NVIDIA CUDA™ (compute capability 3.0)
    • OpenCL
    • OpenGL
    • GPUBoost
    • NVIDIA H.264 video encoding (NVENC)
    • NVIDIA PureVideo® Technology (PUHD)
    • NVIDIA PhysX™-Ready
    • Microsoft® DirectX (Compute)
  • Dual channel output
    • 2x digital DVI outputs
    • Up to WUXGA (1920x1200) @ 60 Hz
    • 2x analog outputs
    • Up to UXGA (1600x1200) @ 60 Hz
  • Air - and conduction-cooled variants
  • 3U VPX form factor
  • Available as 2LM VPX-REDI

  • Large format useful with high speed cameras
  • Very high intensity, uniform light for long working distance and large field-of-view
  • Strobe or continuous-on drive capability
  • Rugged industrial housing with optimized passive thermal management
  • More efficient and stable than common flood lights

Brandywine Communications

Brandywine Communications is the premier supplier of ultra-precise GPS and time code based Time and Frequency products. Offering next generation solutions for telecom, government/ aerospace & defense, power utilities, and public safety, Brandywine has a solution for your critical timing need.

Brandywine's Products

Our product list include Frequency Standards, GPS Clocks, Network Time Servers and NTP Servers using GPS, plug-in timing cards such as PCI cards for bus level applications, GPS Frequency standards, GPS Master Clocks, Time and Frequency Systems, Time Displays and Time Code equipment.

Brandywine is proud to offer SAASM GPS and cesium clock solutions for military timing applications with products that offer complete master clock solutions and are qualified for airborne, shipboard, and mobile land applications. Our GPS time and frequency standards and our GPS clocks with time code support a wide range of time code formats including IRIG B, IRIG A, IRIG G, and Have Quick. Brandywine is also known for customizing their time and frequency products to give their customers the perfect solution to their timing needs.

Brandywine also has the largest selection of bus timing cards with over 200 options to customize the board to fit your need. Cards such as PCI and VME cards have quick delivery and can be customized with popular options such as IRIG-B and GPS.

Brandywine now offers network solutions, both wireline and wireless telecommunication solutions for this fast paced growing need. Products such at IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmasters and slaves as well as BITS Timing Signal Generators such as the OSA-5548C. Brandywine has joined forces with Oscilloquartz, a world-wide leader in telecom equipment, to offer the latest technology and excellent service for the telecommunications world in the U.S. and Canada.

Brandywine is continuously on the cutting edge of technology and offers the industry's broadest range of solutions for customers requiring precise time and frequency.

Brandywine Classics, a division of Brandywine Communications, applies theirtechnology and creative design to produce striking, reliable, and accurate analog and digital clocks for your every need. These include tower clocks, street clocks, and canister clocks. Brandywine Classics can also upgrade existing analog clocks with today’s technology.  All their time displays offer SNMP management for easy maintenance and use.

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