Brandywine Modular Master Clock

Product Overview:

  • Redundant design with multiple signal paths built in for high-availability.
  • The modular design is highly adaptable and can be field-upgraded, allowing a future-proof solution
  • 12 expansion slots in the 2U version and 6 expansion slots in the 1U variant.
  • Ideal for applications that require an unusual mix of interfaces
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master crosschecking and failover
  • 2U version is operated by an intuitive touch-screen interface, a first for any master clock system.
  • All key components are hot-swappable and are dual redundant.
  • The Output Signal modules are hot-swappable from the front, eliminating the need to disconnect cables.
  • Secure Management interface through SNMPv3 and encrypted password access from the front panel


Brandywine’s Modular Master Clock represents the next generation of modular timing systems.  Built on the highly successful High Performance Timing System, the Modular Master Clock is a leap forward in design.

At the center of the system are Brandywine’s powerful dual-redundant Master Clock Modules (MCM), which are capable of receiving time from a GPS signal, either from an internal SAASM or standard CA code receiver, or external reference sources, such as IRIG-B, 1PPS, 10 MHz or HaveQuick.

The output signals for the Modular Master Clock are generated by up to 12 hot-swappable Output Signal Modules (OSM), and are ideal for custom solutions or future expansion. Available modules include NTP module, Analog Low-Phase-Noise frequency module, IEEE-1588 PTP module, time code modules such as IRIG A, B, G, H, and NASA 36, Pulse Rates, PTTI, as well as an optical crosslink module.

Signal Reference Inputs

C/A code GPS Receiver (optional)

Receiver Type    GPS L1 C/A, SBAS L1 C/A 

GPS Reception   14 channels (GPS, SBAS)

Sensitivity         Tracking: -159 dBm

    Acquisition: -147 dBm

Accuracy           15ns (1σ) (@ -130 dBm)

TTFF                Hot Start: <5 sec (@ -130 dBm)

   Warm Start: 70 sec (@ -130 dBm)

   Cold Start: 70 sec (@ -130 dBm

SAASM GPS Receiver (optional)

Receiver Type      GB-GRAM Type II 

Keyfill cable         DAGR compatible DB15 

External 1PPS Input

Signal Format      Per ICD-GPS-060B

Rate                    1 pulse per second

Impedance          50 ohm

External GPS Have Quick T/C Input

Signal Format      Per ICD-GPS-060A, STANAG 4246 HQ2A

Rate                   1 frame per second

Impedance         1k ohm

Connector Type   DB15M 

External IRIG B Input

Signal Format        IRIG B Per IRIG 200-04

Control Functions   Per IEEE1344

Modulation ratio     2.5:1 to 3.3:1  

Amplitude             1 Vp-p to 5Vp-p

Impedance           >600 ohm

Connector Type     DB15M 

External 10MHz Reference Input

Frequency 10 MHz ± 5E-11
Amplitude  8 - 15 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω
Connector Type          BNC 



2 power supply slots are available on both 1U and 2U chassis. 2U chassis can be either AC input, DC input or a combination. 1U is single or dual AC supply only.

AC Supply 
  Voltage  90-265 VAC 50/60 Hz.
 100W Maximum
  Connector  IEC 320 C14 (standard)
 MS3102A-10SL-3P (optional MS shown) 
DC Supply  
  Voltage  18-36 VDC
  Connector  Barrier Terminal Block


 Length (depth)  20.00"
 Width  17.00"
 Chassis Width  19.00"
 Height  3.47" (2U Chassis)
 1.72" (1U Chassis)
 Weight  25 lbs. nominal
 (slides not included)


Air Temperature  -15 to 55ºC 
Altitude Conditions  -1500 ft to +11,000 ft 
Airflow   30 cfm front to side/rear.  Side airflow is not obstructed by rack slides

Shock and Vibration

Operating Shock   MIL-STD 810F 20g/11ms
Bench Handling  MIL-STD-810F
Vibration  MIL-STD-167-1
Structure-borne Noise  MIL-STD-740-2


FCC Part 15, Class A 


More Product Information

  • IEEE 1588-2008 (v2) Time protocol
  • Distributes frequency, phase and time-of-day to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network
  • Advanced hardware-generated timestamps
  • GPS input source
  • ±100 ns timing accuracy when locked to GPS
  • Highly stable internal oscillator maintain accurate synchronization in holdover
  • Auxiliary outputs include 1PPS, 10MHz, 2.048 MHz, NMEA 0183, IRIG-B and NTP
  • 19 inch 1U high rack mountable chassis

  • Uses Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to IEEE-1588 v2
  • Distributes time to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network
  • Advanced hardware-generated timestamps
  • GPS input source
  • Provides ±100 nanosecond timing accuracy (when locked to GPS)
  • Internal disciplined oscillator provides stability if input source interrupted
  • Choice of outputs include 1PPS & 10MHz (IRIG-B & E1/T1 optional)
  • 19 inch 1U high rack mountable chassis

  • GSP disciplined atomic clock
  • Network time server
  • Dual redundant version available
  • Complete remote network control using standard web browser
  • SA-ASM GPS Receiver
  • 10MHz, 1PPS, Irig-B, serial and time codes
  • Timing accuracy < 40ns rms to UTC 

  • NTP time server
  • PTP v1 or v2 Grand Master Clock
  • PTP v1 or v2 Transparent Clock
  • PTP v1 or v2 Slave Clock
  • Combined NTP client and
  • PTP protocol supports:
    • Multicast
    • Layer 2 or IP
    • 2-step clock
    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or End-to-End (E2E) delay mechanism
  • Built-in GPS receiver (GMC variant) with time accuracy to absolute time < 50ns
  • (with GPS lock)
  • PTP accuracy < 20 nanosecond (*)
  • 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-T(x) ports
  • 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-X combo ports
  • Wide operating temperature:
  • [-40°F to 158°F] / [-40°C to 70°C]
  • 100-240AC power input
  • Network redundancy: RSTP protocol
  • Network management: Web, telnet, CLI and SNMP v1/v2/v3 with RMON
  • Multicast filtering: IGMP snooping
  • IEEE802.1Q VLAN
  • Event notification: through Syslog, Email, and SNMP trap
    (*) Accuracy per network hop.

  • Allan deviation σ(τ) = 2.7x10-11 T-1/2 for long life version and σ(τ) = 8.5x10-12 T-1/2 for high performance version
  • Front or Rear access connectors
  • 3U high (133mm / 5.24'') — less than 200mm depth, compatible with ETSI and 19'' standards
  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 / ±5x10-13 for high performance version
  • 10 MHz low noise direct output
  • Programmable 1 / 5 / 10 MHz TTL output
  • 10 years warranty on cesium tube (3 years for high performance version)
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS232 (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system

  • Powerful network delay analysis delivers full time alignment over hostile networks (including Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing).
  • Manual or automatic best master clock selection
  • No need to install GPS antennas
  • 2.048 Mbit/s, 2.048 MHz and 1.544 Mbit/s synchronization clock signal for legacy equipments
  • Multicast & Unicast operation ideal for use in Telecoms environment

  • Modular Timing System
  • Flexible
  • Upgradeable
  • Redundant
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • High Accuracy
  • Network-Centric
  • Rugged
  • Environmentally Qualified
  • Automatic Propagation Delay Compensation
  • Flexible input reference – GPS, Have Quick, IRIG B

  • 3-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock Synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of output options
  • 1U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment front panel button for equipment configuration and control
  • Large alphanumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equipment configuartion stored in non-volatile memory

  • 9-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of outpout options
  • 3U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment button front panel keyboard for equipment configuration and control
  • Alphranumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equpment configuration stored in non-volatile memory

Brandywine Communications

Brandywine Communications is the premier supplier of ultra-precise GPS and time code based Time and Frequency products. Offering next generation solutions for telecom, government/ aerospace & defense, power utilities, and public safety, Brandywine has a solution for your critical timing need.

Brandywine's Products

Our product list include Frequency Standards, GPS Clocks, Network Time Servers and NTP Servers using GPS, plug-in timing cards such as PCI cards for bus level applications, GPS Frequency standards, GPS Master Clocks, Time and Frequency Systems, Time Displays and Time Code equipment.

Brandywine is proud to offer SAASM GPS and cesium clock solutions for military timing applications with products that offer complete master clock solutions and are qualified for airborne, shipboard, and mobile land applications. Our GPS time and frequency standards and our GPS clocks with time code support a wide range of time code formats including IRIG B, IRIG A, IRIG G, and Have Quick. Brandywine is also known for customizing their time and frequency products to give their customers the perfect solution to their timing needs.

Brandywine also has the largest selection of bus timing cards with over 200 options to customize the board to fit your need. Cards such as PCI and VME cards have quick delivery and can be customized with popular options such as IRIG-B and GPS.

Brandywine now offers network solutions, both wireline and wireless telecommunication solutions for this fast paced growing need. Products such at IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmasters and slaves as well as BITS Timing Signal Generators such as the OSA-5548C. Brandywine has joined forces with Oscilloquartz, a world-wide leader in telecom equipment, to offer the latest technology and excellent service for the telecommunications world in the U.S. and Canada.

Brandywine is continuously on the cutting edge of technology and offers the industry's broadest range of solutions for customers requiring precise time and frequency.

Brandywine Classics, a division of Brandywine Communications, applies theirtechnology and creative design to produce striking, reliable, and accurate analog and digital clocks for your every need. These include tower clocks, street clocks, and canister clocks. Brandywine Classics can also upgrade existing analog clocks with today’s technology.  All their time displays offer SNMP management for easy maintenance and use.

Technical Support - email us or call 714-755-1050

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