Brandywine QFS-106 Free Running GPS Frequency Standard

Brandywine QFS-106 Free Running GPS Frequency Standard

Product Overview:

  • High stability OCXO or rudibium oscillator
  • 6 individually buffered outputs
  • Low phase noise outputs buffers



The Brandywine Communications QFS-106 is a high performance frequency standard. This 1-U 19” rack-mount has two internal oscillator options (OCXO or a free-running Rubidium Oscillator) to create the low aging, short and long term frequency stability needed.

A wide variety of applications for the Frequency Standard QFS-106 that require a precise frequency standard include radar systems, missile range timing systems, satellite command terminals, GPS monitoring stations, calibration labs and test equipment.  This rack-mounted frequency standard has six individually buffered low phase noise outputs and if more are required, multiple units can be daisy-chained to a single reference.

Some of the features of the QFS-106 frequency standard are the option of a high stability OCXO or Rubidium Oscillator, 6 individually buffered outputs, and low phase noise output buffers.  The QFS-106 is one of Brandywine's standard products, built at our manufacturing office in Tustin, CA, this is the most reliable frequency standards with quick delivery and U.S. made.


Physical/ Environmental Information:


Temperature:                -30 to +60°C

Humidity:                      95% non-condensing

Size:                            19” x 1.72” X 6.15”

Weight:                         3lb typical