California Instruments i-iX Series II 3kVA - 15kVA AC/DC Power Source

Product Overview:

  • 3000 VA to 15000 VA of AC Output Power
  • Combines AC/DC source and power analyzer
  • Harmonic analysis of Voltage and Current
  • Programmable Impedance
  • AC, DC and AC+DC Output Modes
  • Multiple Chassis Configurations
  • Powerful output transient generation
  • High Crest Factor Capability
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3


The iX Series II represents a new generation of AC and DC power source that addresses increasing demands on test equipment to perform more functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the iX Series II systems are capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple instruments.

The sleek integrated approach of the iX Series II avoids the cable clutter that is commonly found in AC test systems. The i/iX Series II is rackmountable with a 4U chassis design. All connections are made internally and the need for external digital multimeters, power harmonics analyzer and current shunts or clamps is completely eliminated. Using a state of the art digital signal processor in conjunction with precision high resolution A/D converters, the iX Series II provides more accuracy and resolution than can be found in some dedicated harmonic power analyzers. Since many components in the iX Series II are shared between the AC/DC source and the power analyzer, the total cost of the integrated system is less than the typical cost of a multiple unit system.

For less demanding applications, the Compact iX Series provides similar output and transient capabilities as the iX Series II, as well as basic measurements.

Easy To Use Controls 
Both the iX Series II and i Series II are microprocessor controlled and can be operated from an easy to use front panel keypad. Functions are grouped logically and are directly accessible from the keypad. This eliminates the need to search through various levels of menus and/or soft keys. A large analog control knob can be used to quickly slew output parameters. This knob is controlled by a dynamic rate change algorithm that combines the benefits of precise control over small parameter changes with quick sweeps through the entire range.

With precise output regulation and accuracy, the iX Series II AC and DC sources address many application areas for AC and DC power testing. The iX also provides a high load current capability, multi or single phase output modes, and built-in power analyzer measurements. Additional features including line distortion simulation (LDS), arbitrary waveform generation, and programmable output impedance address requirements for product quality and regulatory compliance testing.

Product Evaluation and Test 
Increasingly, manufacturers of electronic equipment and appliances are required to fully evaluate and test their products over a wide range of input line conditions. The built-in output transient generation and readback measurement capability offers the convenience of an easy to use and integrated test system.

With an output frequency range to 1000 Hz, at up to 150 VRMS, the iX Series II is well suited for aerospace applications. Precise frequency control and accurate load regulation are key requirements in these applications. The standard IEEE-488 control interface and SCPI command language provide for easy integration into existing ATE systems. Since the iX Series II can eliminate the need for several additional pieces of test equipment and only occupies 7 inches of rack space (4U), saving both cost and space. Instrument drivers for popular programming environments such as National Instruments LabView, DO-160, ABD-0100, MIL-STD-704A-F, and Boeing 7E73B-0147 are available to speed up system integration.

Regulatory Testing 
As governments are moving to enforce product quality standards, regulatory compliance testing is becoming a requirement for a growing number of manufacturers. The iX Series II is designed to meet AC source requirements for use in Euronorm EN 61000 compliance testing. For flicker testing, the programmable output impedance capability of the 3001iX, 5001iX and 15003iX can be used to create the required IEC 725 reference impedance.

Multi-Box Configurations 
For high power applications, two or three 5001i/iX chassis can be combined to provide 10 to 15 kVA of single or three phase power.

A 9003iX, 15003iX or 15003i three phase configuration can be ordered with the MODE-iX option. This option allows automatic switching between single or three phase output mode. In single phase mode, all current is available on phase A. The MODE-iX option switches the output from all three 5001i/iX amplifiers to a single output connector. Without the MODE-iX option, 15003i/iX systems are configured for three phase operation.

High Crest Factor 
With a crest factor of up to 5:1, the i/iX Series II AC source can drive difficult nonlinear loads with ease. Since many modern products use switching power supplies, they have a tendency to pull high repetitive peak currents. The 5001iX can deliver up to 110 Amps of repetitive peak current (low range) to handle such loads.

Remote Control
Standard IEEE-488 and RS232C remote control interfaces allow programming of all instrument functions from an external computer. The popular SCPI command protocol is used for programming. Drivers for several popular instrumentation programming environments are available to facilitate systems integration of the i/iX Series II.

Instrument Control Software 
Windows® Instrument Control Software is provided with the iX and i Series II. This software provides easy access to the power sources capabilities without the need to develop any custom code. The following functions are available through this GUI program:

  • Steady state output control (all parameters)
  • Create, run, save, reload and print transient programs
  • Generate and save harmonic waveforms [iX only]
  • Generate and save arbitrary waveforms [iX only]
  • Download data from a digital storage oscilloscope [iX only]
  • Measure and log standard measurements
  • Capture and display output voltage and current waveforms [iX only]
  • Measure, display, print and log harmonic voltage and current measurements [iX only]
  • Run IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28 test programs
  • Display IEEE-488 or RS232C bus traffic to and from the AC Source to help you develop your 
    own test programs.

Operating Modes
Model iX Series II i Series II
Modes AC, DC or AC+DC AC or DC
AC Mode Output
Frequency Range: 16.00-1000 Hz (Note: Voltage on 300 V range derates from 300 Vrms max at 500 Hz to 150 Vrms max at 1000 Hz; See V-F rating chart. below)
Total Power 3001i/iX: 3000 VA, 5001i/iX: 5000 VA, 9003i/iX: 3000 VA 3ø, with mode iX: 9000 VA 1ø, 10001i/iX: 10000 VA, 15001i/iX: 15000
VA, 15003i/iX: 5000 VA/ø 3ø, with mode iX: 15000 VA/ø 1ø
Load Power Factor 0 to unity at full output VA
AC Mode Voltage
Voltage Ranges Range VLow VHigh
AC 0-150 V 0-300 V
AC+DC 0-150 V 0-300 V
Load Regulation
(with ALC on)
< 0.2%
Load Regulation
(with ALC off)
< 0.5% DC to 100 Hz, 
< 0.6% 100 Hz to 500 Hz in high voltage range,
< 2.2% 100 Hz to 500 Hz in low voltage range, 
< 3% 500 Hz to 1000 Hz
Line Regulation < 0.1% for 10% line change
Output Noise 
(20 kHz to 1 MHz)
< 250 mVrms typ., < 500 mVrms max.
Harmonic Distortion (Linear) < 1% from 16 - 66 Hz, < 2% at 400 Hz, < 3% at 800 Hz (Full resistive load)
DC Offset < 20 mV External Amplitude Modulation: Depth: 0 - 10 %, Frequency: DC - 2 KHz
Isolation Voltage 300 Vrms output to chassis
AC Mode Current
Model Model 3001 i/iX 5001 i/iX 9003 i/iX 3ø
Steady State AC Current 300 V range 11.1 18.5 11.1 /ø
  150 V range 22.2 37.0 22.2 /ø
Note: Constant power mode provides increased current at reduced voltage (See chart below)
Model Model 10001 i/iX 15001 i/iX 15003 i/iX 3ø
Steady State AC Current 300 V range 37.0 55.5 18.5 /ø
  150 V range 74.0 111.0 37.0 /ø
Note: Constant power mode provides increased current at reduced voltage (See chart below)
Model Model 3001 i/iX 5001 i/iX 9003 i/iX 3ø
Peak Repetitive AC Current High range 96.0 96.0 96.0 /ø
  Low range 110.0 110.0 110.0 /ø
Model Model 10001 i/iX 15001 i/iX 15003 i/iX 3ø
Peak Repetitive AC Current High range 192.0 288.0 96.0 /ø
  Low range 220.0 330.0 110.0 /ø
Programming Accuracy Voltage (rms): ± 0.2 of range, 16 to 1000 Hz, Frequency: ± 0.01 % of programmed value, Current Limit: ± 0.5 % of programmed value, Phase: < 1.5° with balanced load at 50/60 Hz
Programming Resolution Voltage (rms): 100 mV, Frequency: 0.01 Hz from 16 - 81.91 Hz, 0.1 Hz from 82.0 - 819.1 Hz, 1 Hz from 820-1000 Hz, Current Limit: 0.1 A, Phase, 0.1°
Output Relay Push-button controlled or bus controlled output relay
Output Impedance (iX Only) Programmable Z on 3001iX, 5001iX, 9003iX and 15003iX (3ø mode only) for 50 Hz fundamental
Resistive Range: 17 - 1000 mOhm,resolution: 4 mOhm accuracy, 2 % FS
Inductive Range: 230 - 1000 μH, resolution: 4 μH, accuracy: 2 % FS
Constant Power AC Mode - Available Max. AC Current
V-F Rating Chart - 300 Volt Range
Measurements - Standard (AC Measurements)
Parameter Frequency RMS Voltage RMS Current Peak Current
Range 16-500 Hz 0-300 V 0-40 A 0-120 A
Accuracy* (±)
0.01% +
0.01 Hz
< 100 Hz

100 - 500 Hz

0.5 V + 0.02%

0.1 V + 0.02%

0.5 A + 0.02%

0.1 A + 0.02%

0.5 A + 0.02%

0.1 A + 0.02%

Resolution* 0.01 Hz 10 mV 1 mA 1 mA
Parameter Crest Factor Real Power Apparent Pwr Pwr Factor
Range 0.00-6.00 0-6 kW 0-6 kVA 0.00-1.00
Accuracy* (±)
0.01% +
0.01 Hz


10 W + 0.1%

20 W + 0.1%

10 VA + 0.1%

20 VA + 0.1%



Resolution* 0.01 1 W 1 VA 0.01
Parameter DC Voltage DC Current Power
Voltage Ranges 0-300 V 0-40 A 0-6 kW
Accuracy* (±)
0.01% +
0.01 Hz
150 mV

150 mV

70 mA

70 mA

15 W

15 W

Resolution* 10 mV 1 mA 1 W
* Measurement system bandwidth = DC to 48 kHz. Accuracy specifications are valid above 100 counts. Current and Power Accuracy specifications are times two for 10001i/iX /30003i/iX and times three for 15001i/iX and 9003i/iX and 15003i/iX with MODE-iX option when in single phase mode. For 10001i/iX, 15001i/iX and 30003i/ iX, resolution decreases by factor of 10, ranges for current and power increases by factor of three. PF accuracy applies for PF > 0.5 and VA > 50% of range.
Measurements - Harmonics
Parameter Frequency Fundamental Harmonics Phase Voltage Current
Range 16.00-500.0 Hz / 32.00 Hz - 48.00 kHz 0.0 - 360.0° Fundamental Harmonics 2 - 50 Fundamental Harmonics 2 - 50
Accuracy* (±) 0.01% + 0.01 Hz 2° typ. 250 mV 0.1% + 250 mV+0.1% /1 kHz 50 mA/0.1% + 50 mA +0.1% /1 kHz
Resolution 0.01 Hz 0.5° 10 mV / 10 mV 10 mA / 10 mA
* Accuracy specifications are valid above 100 counts. Accuracy specifications are times three for three phase mode. Harmonics frequency range in three phase mode is 32 Hz - 16 kHz. Resolution decreases by factor of 10 for 9003iX and 15003iX with Mode-iX option in 1 phase mode and for 10001iX, 15001iX and 30003i/iX.
DC Mode Output
Power (Max at full scale of DC Voltage Range) 3001i/iX: 2100 W, 5001i/iX: 3500 W, 9003i/iX: 2100 W/ø 3ø, 6300 W/ø 1ø, 10001i/iX: 7000 W, 15001i/iX: 10500 W, 15003i/iX: 3500 W/ø 3ø, 10500 W/ø 1ø
Voltage Ranges Range: Low: 200 Vdc, High: 400 Vdc
Line Regulation < 0.1% FS or 10% line change
Output Noise
  < 250 mV rms typ., < 500 mV rms max., (20 kHz to 1 MHz)
Max DC Current (Maximum current at 65% of V Range)
Model 3001 i/iX 5001 i/iX 9003 i/iX 9003 i/iX 3ø
400V range 7.8 13 23.4 7.8
200V range 15.6 26 46.8 15.6
Model 10001 i/iX 15001 i/iX 15003 i/iX 3ø
400V range 26 39 13
200V range 52 78 26
Current Limit Programmable from 0 A to maximum current for selected range
AC+DC Mode Output
Output Power (iX only) Full AC Power if DC component is less than 20% of full scale voltage, Full DC power if DC component is above 20%
Non Volatile Mem. storage 16 instrument setups, 200 user defined waveforms
Waveform Types i Series II: Sine, iX Series II: Sine, Square, Clipped sine, User defined
User defined waveform storage Four groups of 50 user defined arbitrary waveforms of 1024 points for a total of 200 (One group can be active at a time)
System Interface
Inputs Remote shutdown, External Sync, Clock/Lock (option)
Outputs Function Strobe, Clock/Lock (option)
Over Load Constant Current or Constant Voltage mode
Over Temperature Automatic shutdown
Remote Control
IEEE-488 Interface IEEE-488 (GPIB) talker listener. Subset: AH1, C0, DC1, DT1, L3, PP0, RL2, SH1, SR1, T6, IEEE-488.2 SCPI Syntax
RS232C Interface 9 pin D-shell connector, Handshake: CTS, RTS, Data bits: 7,8, Stop bits: 1, 2, Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, IEEE-488.2 SCPI Syntax (Supplied with RS232C cable)
DC Mode Output
Voltage 3001 and 9003: 208-240 ± 10% Vac, (L-N, 1ø), All other models: Standard: 208-240 ± 10% Vac, (L-L, 3ø), Option -400: 400-480 ± 10% Vac, (L-L, 3ø) (Input range must be specified when ordering)
Max DC Current (Maximum current at 65% of V Range)
Model 3001i/iX 5001i/iX 9003i/iX
187-264V 25 A 23 A 75 A
360-528V N/A 12 A N/A
Model 10001 i/iX 15001 i/iX 15003 i/iX 3ø
187-264V 46 A 69 A 69 A
360-528V 24 A 36 A 36 A
Inrush Current per chassis < 100 Apk for 100 μs at 208-240 V, < 50 Apk for 100 μs at 400-480 V
Line Frequency 50-60 Hz ± 10 %
Efficiency 75% typical
Power Factor
  0.6 typical
AC Service
Regulatory IEC61010, EN50081-2, EN50082-2, CE EMC and Safety Mark requirements
RFI Suppression CISPR 11, Group1 , Class A
Rear Panel Connectors AC Input & Output terminal block with cover, IEEE-488 (GPIB) connector (rear panel), 9 pin D-Shell RS232C connector*, Remote voltage sense terminal block, System Interface Connector, *RS232 DB9 to DB9 cable supplied
Physical Dimensions
Dimensions Height: 7” (178 mm), Width: 19” (483 mm), Depth: 24” (610 mm) 
(depth includes rear panel connectors)
Weight per 5001i/iX Chassis: Net: 61 lbs / 28 Kg, Shipping: 115 lbs / 52 Kg
Vibration and Shock Designed to meet NSTA project 1A transportation levels
Air Intake/Exhaust Forced air cooling, side air intake, rear exhaust.
Operating Humidity 0 to 95 % RAH, non condensing.
Temperature Operating: 0 to 40° C, Storage: -20 to +85° C

Application Notes
Multi-box iX Series Configurations -MB Option 10/04/2010 (73KB)
i/iX Series I (Compact i/iX excluded) V
iX Series I Instrument Control Software
11/03/2010 (8.06MB)
i/iX Series II (Compact i/iX excluded) V 3.0
iX Series II Instrument Control Software 
08/19/2015 (15.4Mb)
Firmware Updates
iX/i Series I Firmware Update
iX Series firmware update. For iX models with firmware 2.X or 3.x
iX Series II Firmware Update V 5.26, for iX models with firmware 4.0 or higher. (Requires Flash Loader Utility to install) 02/02/2016 (701Kb) V5.26
Flash Loader V1.6.0 Windows 32-bit 11/02/2006 (2.2Mb)
Flash Loader V1.6.0 Windows 64-bitt 02/16/2015 (1.7Mb)
XPort 03/04 Firmware V1.1 - CIC949-1V1.1
NOTE: Use with Lantronix Device Installer 
**Only compatible with XPort03/04 not XPort05**
02/04/2014 219Kb
XPort 05 Firmware V1.5 - CIC949-2V1.5
NOTE: Use with Lantronix Device Installer 
**Only compatible with XPort 05 not XPort03/04**
06/24/2015 356Kb
Instrument Drivers
AC Labview Driver V1.0 - Windows 32 bit for Labview 2012
**Install corresponding IVI driver first**
AC Labview Driver V1.0 - Windows 32 bit for Labview 2013
**Install corresponding IVI driver first**
AC Labview Driver V1.0 - Windows 64 bit for Labview 2012
**Install corresponding IVI driver first**
06/04/2014 (145Mb)
AC Labview Driver V1.0 - Windows 64 bit for Labview 2013
**Install corresponding IVI driver first**
06/04/2014 (141Mb)
IVI-C and IVI-COM Drivers V1.0.6 05/21/2015 (3.6Mb) 32 bit
05/21/2015 (4.3Mb) 64 bit
Lab View Driver
iX/Mx Series II V (LV7.1) 3/01/2010 (4.6MB) V
USB Drivers
WinXP/2000 (32 Bit)
Windows XP USB VCP driver works with MSComm Control in VB6 
Version :
10/24/2008 (720KB) V
WinXP/Vista (32 Bit, 64 Bit)
USB VCP Driver
Version :
10/24/2008 (10.4MB) V
Windows XP / 7 ( 32 bit, 64 bit ) : USB VCP Driver 12/10/2014 (8.70MB)

More Product Information

  • Precision Current Source : Ideally suited for current protection device testing
  • Single and Three Phase Modes : Built-in phase mode switch makes output configuration easy
  • 3kVA to 18kVA Power Levels : Match power source & cost to application requirements
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator : Test products using real world current profiles including harmonic currents
  • Built-In Power Analyzer : Performs voltage & current harmonic analysis & waveform acquisition
  • Standard IEEE-448, USB and RS232C : Remote control interface for ATE system integration
  • GUI Software Suite: Allows users to access the powerful features & functions of the instrument on a Windows™ system
  • Programmable Transients : Amplitude & time control with up to 1ms resolution

Key Features Ls Series
  • Backward Compatible with L Series
    • Function and bus compatible with the California Instruments L Series
  • Three phase and Single phase modes
    • Ideally suited for avionics and defense applications
  • 3 KVA to 18 KVA Power Levels
    • Match power source and cost to application requirements
  • Transient Programming
    • Test products for susceptibility to AC line disturbances
  • Built-in Measurements
    • Performs voltage, current, and power measurements
  • Advanced Features
    • Arbitrary waveform generation, harmonic analysis, GPIB interface are some of the available options
  • Interface
    • Standard USB & RS232C interface.
    • Optional GPIB & LAN available
  • CE Marked (400V input model ONLY)
    • Safe, reliable, and consistent operation
Key Features Lx Series
  • Backward Compatible
    • Compatible with HP6834B & iL Series AC Sources Function & bus compatible with the Agilent HP6834B & California Instruments iL Series
  • Three phase and Single phase modes
    • Ideally suited for avionics and defense applications
  • 3 KVA to 18 KVA Power Levels
    • Match power source and cost to application requirements
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • Test products for harmonics susceptibility
  • Built-in Power Analyzer
    • Performs voltage and load current harmonic analysis and waveform acquisition
  • Standard IEEE-488, USB & RS232
    • Remote control interface for ATE system integration include

  • High Power AC and DC Power Source
    • Programmable AC and DC power for frequency conversion and product test applications
  • Expandable Power Levels
    • Available output power of 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 kVA per unit and multi-unit configurations for power
      requirements up to 135 kVA and above
  • Single and Three Phase Mode
    • Phase mode programming on MX22.5-3Pi, MX30-3Pi and MX45-3Pi allows switching between single and
      three phase output modes
  • Arbitrary & Harmonic Waveform Generation
    • User defined voltage waveform and distortion programming
  • Regenerative, bidirectional “Green” Power Solution
    • Automatic crossover between Source and Sink power mode offers regenerative capabilities in AC
      mode. Regenerate up to 100% of the rated output power back to the utility grid during sink mode
      operation. ( -SNK option )
  • Remote Control
    • Standard RS232C & USB along with optional IEEE- 488 & LAN Interfaces are available for automated
      test applications

  • 750 VA to 2250 VA of AC Output Power
  • Combines AC/DC source and power analyzer
  • Harmonic analysis of Voltage and Current
  • AC, DC and AC+DC Output Modes
  • Multiple Chassis Configurations
  • Powerful output transient generation
  • High Crest Factor Capability
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Single and Three Phase models available

  • High Power AC Source
    • Programmable AC power for frequency conversion and product test applications
  • Expandable Power Levels
    • Available output power of 30, 45, 75 and 90 kVA per unit and multi-unit configurations for power requirements up to 180 kVA and above
  • Remote Control
    • Standard RS232, USB and IEEE-488 (GPIB) and optional LAN interfaces are available for automated test applications.

  • Combination AC and DC Power Source
  • 40-5,000Hz Output Frequencies 
  • Arbitrary and Harmonic Waveform Generation
  • Built-In Digital Power Analyzer 
  • Scope Capture Capability
  • Power Programming Software
  • Constant Power Mode
  • Multi-Box Option
  • High power density in 1U/ 2U chassis up to 3kVA
  • Intuitive touch panel control
  • Innovative iX2™ current doubling technology
  • Multi-language display for global operation
  • Auto paralleling for higher power
  • Single phase 1U models and 1 or 3 phase selectable 2U models
  • Complete avionic test suites (optional)
  • ATE version available in both 1U and 2U

Key Features
  • Precision Voltage and Current Source 
  • 4500VA to 13500VA Output
  • Single & Three Phase Configurations
  • Computer Control for Automated Systems Remote programming and collection of measurement data
  • Separate Single Phase Outputs of up to 200A and 270V (L-N) Simulation of power levels up to 54 KW
  • Multiple Chassis Configurations for Two & Three Phase Systems Power level simulation up to 162 KW for three phase operation
  • Independent Full Capability Measurement System Monitors load parameters without additional instrumentation
  • Simulate True Power
  • Great for Testing Watt-Hour Meters

  • 2000 VA Output Power
  • Portable Power, Low Cost
  • Readback Measurements
  • Rack Mount Chassis with detachable ears
  • 16 Hz to 5000 Hz Frequency Range
  • High Peak Current Capability
  • Remote Control Option

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