Efore - ESSI™- Light DC Power System

Efore - ESSI™- Light DC Power System

Product Overview:

  • IP54 and security protection
  • High attenuation shielded enclosure and filtering
  • Environment & intrusion protection
  • High-security locking
  • NSN-coded
  • 20U free space for customer equipment
  • Built-in battery charger with N+1 redundancy
  • Redundant cooling fans
  • High capacity batteries in separate cabinet
  • EMP Filtered power connection



Efore Shielded System Infrastructure, ESSI™-Light offers a back-up power system in a complete protected system cabinet. The solution is ideal for protecting critical IT and communication infrastructure against electromagnetic, environment and security risks.

ESSI™-Light cabinets provide IP54 and security protection and offer high flexibility for user equipment with 20U of free rack space for ETSI or 19” equipment. The system includes all necessary components for backup power system, power cables, battery cables, power distribution, cabling ducts, cooling fans, krone tray, fiber optic tray and lock base. Final installation requires only power and signal cabling for user equipment.

By installing critical equipment in the ESSI™ cabinet the security level of mission critical networks and datacenters can be increased. Critical networks are used by defense forces, C4ISR, police, border guard, rescue organizations and business organizations. These networks include telecommunication networks, national electric grids and datacenters.

Systems are easy to commission in datacenters or office environments due to their light weight and compact form factor. Changes in layout and space allocations are easier with the movable system cabinet.


Please view model number specifications on our Datasheet & Downloads tab, or at http://www.efore.com/power-systems/essi-emp-shielded-power-systems/essitm-light-dc-power-system