Emcor 10 Series® Enclosures

Emcor 10 Series® Enclosures

Product Overview:



The Emcor 10 Series is an extremely heavy duty product line, featuring an extensive selection of rack heights, widths, depths, and styles that target your specific design requirements. These enclosures support a mix of computer, data storage, network and security equipment and can be configured in rack or console configurations. Select from a variety of external and internal accessories to complete your design. Modified or custom designs are available by contacting your local sales representative or contacting us directly.


The following configurations are comprised of catalog product. Use them as a starting point in your project development process. Add panelsdoorsshelvesdrawerspower and other accessories such as airflow and cable management to customize the configuration to your application needs. 

These products are most often used in the following markets:  Broadcast  |  Datacom / Telecom  |  Education / Research  |  Medical / Healthcare  |  Military / Defense / Aerospace  |  Security / Monitoring  |  Systems Integration  |  Test / Measurement.

Note: The CAD files and Bills Of Material only contain the base structure for each configuration. To obtain other components contact customer service.