Emcor Inverter Enclosures

Product Overview:

Our inverter enclosure houses the sensitive control equipment needed for transforming power from renewable energy sources such as solar pv panels or wind turbines into useable AC power on the eclectic grid.  It must weather the elements out of doors and operate in -20C to +50C environments with a 20 year service lifetime.  To accomplish this the inverter enclosure has NEMA 4 sealing in some portions and NEMA 12 in others protecting the equipment while making service and inspection simple and hassle free. These enclosures are ideal for the solar energy industry.

Environmental Controls

  • UL 1741
  • Air-flow and cooling
  • NEMA 3R / 4 and 12 sealing
  • E-coat anti-corrosion
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Snow load & Seismic considerations


Access Control

  • Integral locks
  • Safety fasteners
  • Pad-Locks
  • Internal releases

Equipment Access From Multiple Sides

  • Removable panels
  • High capacity slides
  • Weight of doors and panels
  • Human & Ergonomic Factors

Overall Footprint

  • French doors to minimize door swing
  • Locks to hold doors open in high wind


  • Lifting options for crane or helicopter
  • Forklift considerations
  • Pad/Floor tie downs
  • Leveling

See our brochure for more info on our inverter enclosures: Solar Energy Inverter Enclosures PDF

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Need a custom inverter enclosure?

We offer design services and solutions to meet the needs of any product specification, from examining current product prints to completing new product development. You can count on our expert resources and engineering capabilities to support any stage of your project, from concept to production. For more information on our capabilities download our Capabilities Brochure.

More Product Information

The design of our inverter housing was completed to provide extra security and weather protection to a group of decentralized solar inverters.  Even though they are self contained this inverter enclosure will provide mounting and extra safety. These enclosures are ideal for the solar energy industry.

  • Modular
  • Fully welded construction
  • Clean, seamless corner design
  • Static Load capacity of 3500 pounds
  • 14 gauge and 16 gauge material
  • Available in 19” and 24” panel widths
  • 15U to 45U vertical panel openings (VPO)
  • Overall depth options of 26 5/16” and 31 9/16”
  • Adjustable multi-formed mounting angles with rack unit markings
  • Vertical and slope front frame styles

Equipment racks or enclosures are typically shipped with only basic provisions for stabilization. Installations in geographical areas that present a risk of seismic activity known as High Seismic Areas require special consideration to maximize rack stability and to avoid damage or serious injury in the event of building or floor movement.

Crenlo’s Telcordia GR-63 Seismic qualified enclosures are designed to meet or exceed the Telcordia NEBS Zone 4 testing objectives and requirements. Seismic Zone 4 requirements are the most stringent of all, requiring that enclosures stay intact while experiencing the equivalent of an earthquake measuring up to 8.3 on the Richter scale.

  • Digital measurement system (DMS)
    • 2 waveform digitizers
    • 2×16, 100MHz multiplexer
    • Expandable input measurement channels
  • Maximum configuration flexibility
  • Turn-key test system with included test controller
    • emPower™ test executive

  • Integrated EX7000-OEM device control and relay driver interface
  • 150 W power supply and built-in fans for cooling
  • Removable tray for mounting components and interconnect cables
  • Supports custom RF/Microwave, optical, or power interface subassemblies while minimizing the time spent developing software and communications interface.
  • I/O access through rear or front panel for increased design flexibility
  • 72 drive channels standard, expandable to 576 channels and 32-bit TTL I/O per driver board, expandable to 256
  • Industry standard IVI driver set provides a well-documented software API that minimizes development time
  • 128 element configuration table for quick recall of common setups
  • Graphical XML configuration utility generates custom box 

Emcor Enclosures

A quality electronics equipment enclosure not only maintains a better appearance over time, it also does a better job of protecting the components within it; no matter what the external environment. You will find our electronic equipment racks and consoles in a variety of markets includingDatacomIndustrialEnergyMilitary / Defense / AerospaceTest / Measurementand more.

Whether you are looking for something quick from our standard offering or need a completely custom design we are here to help. Our high-quality products are engineered to be dependable and protect your sensitive electronic equipment for as long as you need it to – Guaranteed.

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