Nexeya Horizon II Bench-top Wiring Analyzer

Product Overview:

With Horizon II you get a powerful bench-top, fully automated wiring analyzer that can learn, test and help troubleshoot your product iwth minimal or no operator involvement.  You can network your Horizon II, use it as a stand-alone tester or integrate it into an automated assembly / test line.  Some of the key features include: 
  • Automated random adapter hookup
  • Automated product learning, fault location and re-test
  • Test 'start' and 'stop' buttons to minimize operator effort and decrease cycle times
  • Test report and printed label generation
  • Expandable to 1024 points
  • Selectable 2 or 4 wire resistance test modes
  • High-speed, high-voltage testng algorithms
  • Hipot testing capability uo to 1500 VDC and/or 1067 VAC
  • 1A fixed or optional programmable high current source
  • Real-time temperature and humidity on-screen display


The Horizon II is the next-generation Horizon wiring analyzer. It has been completely repackaged to further enhance the user experience and improve overall test performance.

Key features include a fully updated Windows XP-based user environment, color touch-screen, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, expanded I/O, flash disk data storage and improved ergonomics. Operators will appreciate its oversized, color touch-screen, built-in ‘START’ and ‘STOP’ buttons, and onscreen user help tips which makes it exceptionally easy to program and test.

The Horizon II (H2) software will accept and run any Horizon test program, so there is no need to re-create test programs when moving to H2.

Whether networked, integrated or used as a standalone tester, Horizon II provides virtually unlimited data storage and reporting capabilities with built-in flash disk and label printer support.

This all-in-one tester offers an unrivalled diversity of test scenarios in a portable wiring analyzer. All Horizon II models enable 128-point testing with modular expansion capability up to 1024 points capable of switching 1A and HiPot testing up to 1500 VDC and/or 1067 VAC.

Standard test capability includes fault location, automatic product learning, component detection and real-time intermittent open/short detection

More Product Information

CableTest's MPT Wiring Analyzer and software tools create a powerful combination of programmable sources, measurement range/accuracy, ultra-fast test cycle times and a highly flexible test development environment.  
The MPT2 series offers the perfect combination of modularity, portability, functionality and power.
Key features of the MPT2 Wiring Analyzer include:
  • Random adapter connection tools
  • Automatic product learn tools
  • Multilingual easy-use operator interface
  • System integration with execution management systems
  • Wireless operator interface and remote monitoring an dcontrol
  • Intelligent diagnostic tools that simplify troubleshooting of complex wiring nets

For fault finding (continuous or intermittent faults) in in-service / MRO environments or for product characterization and life cycle material management of wires, cables and harnesses, as well as connectors and backplanes, the WIDD is the product that will deliver results in a cycle time second to no other piece of test equipment.

Lisa is a wireless acquisition system working on both analog and digital parameters with an ease of use installation on in-flight, on land and at sea test systems by reducing both wiring and power supply requirements.
Comprised of several modules that allow superior flexibility in system architecture the system is easy to install, organize and configure, regardless of the combination of modules or application.  Lisa supports up to 8 acquisiton modules and a total of 132 channels.  Data sampling is isosynchronous over all modules.  Each module is also equipped with a local removable storage card (SD card) enabling it to both communicate to the main unit or act as an independent data logger.

  • Analog signal acquisition: voltage, strain gage, accelerometers, potentiometer, temperatures, with analog filters options
  • Digital bus acquisition for most popular ground or avionic busses; CAN, serial lines, MIL STD 1553, ARINC, DIGIBUS, and a possibility to accommodate its internal FPGAs to any kind of specific bus you may need
  • Storage options:
    • via a local SSD device
    • simultaneously broadcast measurements via an Ethernet or a PCM link
  • SACHA may also be used as a recorder for external devices such as our video encoders or other 3rd party devices
  • SACHA can be operated as a stand alone unit under it's own battery power supply or connected to an external power source

  • MK XIIA AIMS certified for Level 1 and Level 2
  • Accommodates DOD AIMS 04-900A Option A (KIV-78) and Option B (KIV-77)
  • Dual I/O for diversity testing of transponders or SUM/DIFFERENCE on interrogators
  • Separate connections for direct or over-the-air testing
  • Software defined radio design allows waveform flexibility and future growth potential
  • Dual signal generator design allows coordinated signal production for interference and echo testing
  • Remote interfaces consist of RS-232, Ethernet and GPIB
  • Aeroflex GUI allows easy access to test features
  • Industry wide use in development and end item testing of transponders and interrogators

  • 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz/43 GHz frequency range; 43 GHz max. built-in preamp option
  • Best-of-class wide dynamic range over 6 GHz
  • 325 GHz max. frequency range; built-in 1st local signal output for external mixer
  • For wideband down-converter; built-in 1 GHz IF output band
  • 10/31.25/62.5/125 MHz analysis bandwidth options (signal analyzer and modulation analysis functions)
  • Supports Noise Figure and BER measurement (options)
  • Measures 50 GHz to 75 GHz and 60 GHz to 90 GHz frequency ranges in combination with either High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A or MA2808A set, respectively

  • Top-class spectrum analyzer measurement speed
  • Provides ±0.3dB (typ.) total level accuracy
  • Best-in-class dynamic range
  • Spectrum analyzer supporting built-in vector signal generator, analog signal generator, audio analyzer and modulation analysis (options)
  • Offers modulation analysis, such as LTE/LTE-Advanced (FDD/TDD), WLAN IEEE802.11a/11b/11g/11j/11n/11p/11ac and FM/ΦM/AM (with optional software)
  • Noise Figure, BER and Transmission Characteristics measurement (options)
  • Excellent eco-friendly product with low power consumption of 110 VA min.

  • Frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz/6 GHz/26.5 GHz/44.5 GHz; 44.5 GHz max. built-in preamp option
  • Best close-in phase noise performance in middle range signal analyzer/spectrum analyzer:
    • –123 dBc/Hz (at 1 GHz center frequency, 10 kHz offset frequency with all frequency models)
    • –138 dBc/Hz (at 1 GHz center frequency, 10 kHz offset frequency with 3.6 GHz and 6 GHz models, meas.)
    • –140 dBc/Hz (at 150 MHz center frequency, 10 kHz offset frequency with 3.6 GHz and 6 GHz models, meas.)
  • Wide dynamic range measurement of either 50 GHz to 75 GHz, or 60 GHz to 90 GHz frequency bands using High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A/MA2808A (with 26.5 GHz and 44.5 GHz models)
  • Measurements up to 325 GHz using External Mixer (Harmonic Mixer) MA2740C/MA2750C Series (with 26.5 GHz and 44.5 GHz models)
  • 31.25 MHz analysis bandwidth (standard); 125 MHz max. (option)
  • All-in-one solution with built-in signal generator option supports TRx tests (with 3.6 GHz and 6 GHz models)
  • Measurement applications (options): Phase Noise Measurement, Noise Figure Measurement, Vector and Analog Modulation Analysis, BER Measurement

For next-generation broadband and multicarrier communication system, such as 5G mobile and broadcast satellites
  • 5G measurement software built-in
    • High EVM performance due to wide dynamic range (EVM: <1%)
    • Multicarrier batch (all-at-once) analysis
    • Amplitude/phase/timing difference measurement for each carrier
  • Maximum analysis bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • Excellent amplitude and phase flatness performance
  • Wide dynamic range measurement: >140 dB
  • With PCIe/USB3.0 connector equipped
    • Transfers captured data to external PC at faster speed than 1000BASE-T


Nexeya designs, manufactures and supports embedded, stand-alone and ground equipment products, integrated systems and system support services for a variety of capital intense and mission critical environments.

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