NH Research 4350 Series Modular Programmable DC Electronic Load

Product Overview:

  • 3 sizes – 150, 300, & 600W @ 500V with advanced measurement capability built-in
  • Mix & match loads for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Up to 16 loads in a single, 8 3/4″ / 5U Model 4300 chassis
  • Front loaded & front connections
  • 3 voltage and 3 current ranges for improved accuracy
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • Isolated digital inputs & outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control with LabVIEW & IVI drivers


The concept of having an advanced digital measurement system built in to each load plus being able to combine up to 16 of such loads into a single chassis opens several new test strategy possibilities that have significant economic and quality benefits.

The most important test strategy is the ability to test consumer power devices such as chargers, adapters and LED drivers in parallel, up to 16 in a single pass. Test times for such devices are now measured in a few seconds.

The other major advantage of this distributed measurement is the ability to test each output of a multi-output power conversion device simultaneously rather than sequentially. Not only does this dramatically reduce the overall test time but also provides far better channel-to-channel performance measurements including dynamic cross effects. In this manner quality of the devices tested takes a large step forward because the parallel tester better simulates real life conditions where all outputs are exercised together.

Yet another benefit of such a flexible load/measurement system is the ability to reconfigure the loading to adapt to almost any new loading arrangement required by brand new UUTs in the future.


  • Modular load maximizes configuration flexibility
  • Simplifies automated test stand development
    • Triggerable set & measurment
    • Short circuit mode & over voltage relay
    • Isolated digital inputs & outputs
    • Built-in SW watchdog & safety limits
  • Software tools to shorten test development time
    • PC-based Softpanel GUI with scope display
    • Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
    • Optional: DC Load, emPower® or Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Modular – up to 16 loads or combinations in single chassis
  • Built in features require fewer test devices
  • Front connections simplify wiring
  • Safety limits protect UUT

Model 4350 Modular DC Load (500V) Specifications

Model # 4350-150 4350-300 4350-600
Chassis Slots 1 2 4
Power 150W 300W 600W
Voltage 0 – 500V 0 – 500V 0 – 500V
Current 0 – 30A 0 – 60A 0 – 120A

The 4350 Series Modular DC Load (500V) is useful for testing the following applications & products:

Consumer Power Devices, Chargers, Adapters, LED Driver Testing, Solar Panel Testing

More Product Information

  • 3 sizes – 150, 300, & 600W @ 120V with advanced measurement capability built-in
  • Mix & match loads for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Up to 16 loads in a single, 8 3/4″ / 5U Model 4300 chassis
  • Front loaded & front connections
  • 3 voltage and 3 current ranges for improved accuracy
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • Isolated digital inputs & outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control with LabVIEW & IVI drivers

  • 6 sizes – 3 to 36kW, 30 – 360A, 50 – 350V
  • Single and 3-phase configurations
  • 12 high-accuracy internal measurements
  • 100-step macro for per cycle loading changes
  • User-defined waveforms
  • CC, CR, CV, CP, SC, UPF and CNL emulation modes
  • PC control using Lab VIEW and IVI drivers
  • LAN, RS232, USB communication interface
  • PC softpanel GUI with current, voltage & power waveform display

Flexible Product Line
  • Low power DC modules 
  • Low power AC modules 
  • High power DC, 19" rack mounted loads
  • High power AC, 19" rack mounted loads
  • 26 Total Models
Flexible Control
  • Remote: GPIB, RS-232, Analog 
  • Manual: Front Panel
  • DC Modes: CC, CR, CV, CP
  • AC Modes: CR, CC with crest factor control
  • Dynamic mode with slew rate control
Flexible Data Feedback
  • GPIB, RS-232
  • Current monitor output (SLM DC only)
  • Front panel

  • 8 Sizes – 4 to 96kW
  • Single, Split or Three-Phase programmable
  • 10 to 350VAC
  • 30 to 880Hz
  • DC operation to 10 to 400VDC
  • Reactive power capability 2.6 x Real Power
  • Sink power regenerated back to facility with >90% efficiency
  • Power factor range: -1 to +1
  • Crest factor range: 1.414 to 4.000
  • High-resolution waveform digitizer
  • 9” Touch-Panel user interface
  • High power density/minimum rack space


In ATE System Applications, rack space is a highly coveted asset. Traditional modular loads require at least 3U (5.25”) of rack space, additional mainframe cost, and is limited in power rating, typically below 300W.

For years the test and measurement industry was in need of a portable, general-purpose dc electronic load. The available load solutions were either rackmount or multi-channel mainframe-based. The form factor aside, trim pots were the standard calibration method. Users in the Test and Measurement Industry demanded a load bank solution that was compact and portable, embedded with GPIB/RS-232, capable of bench-top closed-case calibration, offered dynamic operability such as profile simulation and could easily be calibrated on a bench without removing the cover.


AMREL’s Integrated Fuel Cell Load “FCL” Series is the ideal all-in-one solution that packages a booster supply for true “0-volt at high-current” operations. The FCL also has an embedded FRA for impedance measurement/EIS, and a full featured high-speed dynamic dc load in an ultra-compact 3U (5.25”) air-cooled package. AMREL’s FCL offers the industry’s highest current rating of 200Adc, as well as custom-tailored voltage, current and power ratings.

You will discover a wide range of options in AMREL’s FCL Series of fuel cell programmable loads.  If you can’t find what you need, FCL models are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your application requirements.


Like the ZVL-L models, AMREL’s ZVL “E” Zero-volt Ethernet-based dc electronic eLoad models have the industry’s highest current rating for “0-Volt” operation. In addition, they offer Ethernet and USB connectivity as well as power ratings up to 1.5kW. That’s a lot of power in a compact fully-integrated, rackmount-ready package.

AMREL’s ZVL “E” Zero-volt Ethernet-based dc electronic eLoads are specifically designed for single cell fuel cell testing, ultra-low voltage battery testing, and 0-volt load applications. Custom-tailored voltage, power & current ratings, optional impedance measurement, and 16-bit precision make ZVL “E” Zero-volt eLoads perfect for many diverse applications.

  • High Power Density: up to 15 kW in 3U, 30 kW in a 6U chassis
  • Wide Voltage Range: 0-10V up to 0-1000V, from 4 to 30 kW
  • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Hardware Trigger (Ethernet Option)
  • Parallelable up to 150 kW
  • Sequencing: Free system controller & speed up test
  • Low audible noise: Temperature controlled variable speed fans

NH Research

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) designs and manufactures power electronics test instruments and complete turn-key test systems. Its products are used worldwide by manufacturers in the switching DC power supply, UPS, battery and battery charger industries. Applications typically involve either characterization or final test of customer products where a combination of advanced measurements, rapid test times and ease of setup & use are important. NHR has been in the power electronics test business for over 50 years (more about NHR) and has fully equipped facilities with highly skilled employees in Irvine, California and Shenzhen, China.

We have over 50 years experience working with, supporting and manufacturing power electronic test instruments and systems to some of the biggest names in the industry. Including, but not limited to:

Argonne Labs, BAE, Boeing, Chrysler, EADS, Ford, General Dynamics, General Electric, General Motors, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Mercedes-Benz, NASA, Northrop Grumman, NREL, Oak Ridge Labs, Raytheon, Sandia, Textron, UL, & UTC

NH Research, Inc. power electronics test systems and instruments deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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