NH Research 4700 Series High-Current DC Loads

NH Research 4700 Series High-Current DC Loads

Product Overview:

  • 8 sizes – 1 to 36 kW @ 120 or 600 V
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • 18 built-in, precision voltage, current, power and timing measurements that eliminate additional dedicated measurement instruments
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Optional touch-panel user interface

There are 2-types of programmable dc electronic loads in this general-purpose, medium-to-high-power load family. The 4700 is a relatively low-voltage load (120 V) with high current capability. The 4760 is a high-voltage load (600 V).

The High Current DC Electronic Loads (4700 Series) are used in a wide variety of applications that involve automated testing of power conversion device outputs to simulate real-world loading conditions. Such devices include DC power supplies, telecom rectifiers, and traction batteries.

Extended Internal Measurements

The High Current DC Electronic Loads eliminate the need for separate external instruments to capture timing and other dynamic measurements during UUT turn-on and turn-off. This is accomplished by incorporating the task-essential features of a DMM, DSO and Transient Generator. With this built-in capability, the 4700 DC Load can rapidly generate engineering-characterization-like test information at fast test speeds. An additional benefit is savings from fewer measurement instruments, switches and interconnection wiring.

Complex Load Profile Playback

To facilitate ease of re-creating complex, precisely timed, multi-mode load profiles, a 100-step macro-recording capability allows capturing a dynamic sequence for later playback from within the load. Additional complex profiles can be stored in a system controller library for download to the load when required.

Auto Mode

The High Current DC Electronic Load contains a unique Auto Mode that provides glitchless automatic switching between CR, CC, CV and CP limits. Previously challenging tests that are now made possible include turn-on into a CR load, confirming the complete V-I curve for Lithium-Ion battery chargers, and preventing device-under-test blowup should a protection circuit fail.


4700 Series DC Electronic Load Model Numbers

Model # 4700-1 4700-2 4700-3 4700-6 4700-12 4700-18 4700-24 4700-36*
Power 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW 6 kW 12 kW 18 kW 24 kW 36 kW
Current 200 A 400 A 600 A 1200 A 2400 A 3600 A 4800 A 7200 A
Voltage 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 120 V
Model # 4760-1 4760-2 4760-3 4760-6 4760-12 4760-18 4760-24 4760-36*
Power 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW 6 kW 12 kW 18 kW 24 kW 36 kW
Current 50 A 100 A 150 A 300 A 600 A 900 A 1200 A 1800 A
Voltage 600 V 600 V 600 V 600 V 600 V 600 V 600 V 600 V


Application Testing

The Model 4700 DC Electronic Loads are useful for testing the following applications & products:
DC Power Supplies, Power Conversion, Telecom Rectifiers, Traction Batteries, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing