NH Research S600 Series Multi-Channel Testers DC Power Supply Test System

NH Research S600 Series Multi-Channel Testers DC Power Supply Test System

Product Overview:

  • Tests more than 3000 units-per-hour with complete measurement coverage
  • Up to 16 independent test channels in a single 8 3/4″ (5U) chassis
  • Chassis will accept 3 load sizes of 150, 300 & 600W
  • Advanced measurement subsystem built-into each load
  • Chassis also accepts a digital power analyzer with 0.1% accuracy and 1 MS/sec sample rate
  • emPower® Test Executive



The Multi-Channel Tester, model S600, is a test system optimized for hyper-fast testing of power conversion devices such as adapters, chargers, LED power drivers, DC converters, voltage regulator modules, point-of-load converters and AC-DC power supplies. The S600 is constructed utilizing the Model 4300 Multi-Channel Chassis, which when fully populated can simultaneously test up to 16-units in a single pass. That equates to a test throughput of greater than 3000 units per hour for the more basic power conversion devices.

Another application of the S600 is the synchronized output waveform capture including digital logic of a multi-output power supply. Through this capability, analysis of output inter-relational behavior is made possible in both R&D and production test environments.

Superior Loads with Advanced Digital Measurement Capabilities

The core of the S600 utilizes the 16-channel Model 4350 Load/Measurement Subsystem. Individual loads are available in 3 sizes of 150, 300 & 600 W and can be paralleled in software for even higher power. The remarkable feature of the Modular DC Electronic Loads (Model 4350) is their built-in digital measurement system, which features 2 isolated channels of 1MS/sec digitizing capability with 16-bit precision per load.

Waveform measurements including digital logic timing (i.e. Power Good, PS Enable, AC Present) offer the highest accuracy, noise immunity and meeting long term, evolving test requirements.

Ease of Reconfiguration

The front-loading, card based design of both the loads and the power analyzer make reconfiguration for another type of unit to be tested or removal for repair a straight forward matter. Load and power analyzer instruments are removed simply by backing out 2 thumbscrews and sliding the card-instrument out of the chassis.

Compact Cabinet Choices

The S600 Series of testers comes in 3 sizes of compact cabinets that are determined by the quantity and size of AC and/or DC sources desired. The smallest cabinet is only 27.5″ high, making it ideal for under-conveyor, production-line locations as well as portable man-lift ATE uses.



Model Numbers & Configuration Guidelines


Model # S650 S670 S680    
Voltage 600VDC, 350VRMS, Vpk+, Vpk-
Current 20ADC, 20ARMS, Ipk+, Ipk-
Power Average, True, Apparent, Reactive, Power Factor
Frequency 10 – 1000Hz
Waveform Rise Time, Fall Time, Settling Time, Turn-On Time, Hold-Up Time, Time Event, THD
Timing Trigger In, DIN State & Time
Record Length 256K Points
Common Equipment Dell PowerEdge Server preconfigured w/ emPower Test Executive (1U), 4300 16-Slot Chassis (5U) & pass-through cable management slot (1U)
Overall Cabinet Height* 30” 49” 61”    
Instrument Space 24.5” (14U) 40.25” (23U) 52.5” (30U)    
* includes 2” casters, 2 U reserved for internal wiring.

Application Testing

The S600 Series Multi-Channel Test Systems are useful for testing the following applications & products:
AC-DC Power Supplies, Adapters, Chargers, DC Converters, LED Power Drivers, Point-Of-Load Converters, Voltage Regulator Modules