Robotic Drives - Gear Motors RD50/70/85-HD

Robotic Drives - Gear Motors RD50/70/85-HD

Product Overview:

Compact actuators for high precision and backlash-free drives in the industry and robotics
  • Hollow shaft with protective tube
  • Industry-leading power density
  • Excellent torque density and positioning accuracy
  • Absolute encoder with high resolution
  • Installation space savings by gearhead direct mount
  • Very compact and lightweight design



The geared motors of the RD-HD series are powerful and high-precision servo solution with hollow shaft for low-voltage applications.

The technology from Harmonic Drive uniquely combines highest precision and zero backlash in a compact lightweight design.

Combined with the RoboDrive technology, the harmonic drive can be exploited to the peak load.

Due to the outstanding dynamics of this motor and the very low gear elasticity and inertia it is possible to precisely control the powertrain.

The geared motors RD-HD are successfully used in the robotics, handling and automation, medical and the optical industry.

On request other sizes and types of Harmonic Drive gears are delivered with matching motors.


Basic Data

*Theoretical no-load rotation speeds at Ur=48V. Variations can arise from operation with different inverters. Higher rotation speeds or change of the voltage level can be achieved by changing the connection scheme.

**Other gear ratios on request.

Electrical Data

All data relate to star-serial connection and can be altered on customer request.

Gear Data