Robotic Drives - Servo Motors RD25/38-VW

Robotic Drives - Servo Motors RD25/38-VW

Product Overview:

Compact drive units with industry-leading power density and a wide range of applications
  • Industry-leading power density
  • Excellent overload capability
  • Compact design
  • Absolute SinCos encoder up to 12bits
  • Ready for gearheads of Maxon, Gysin and Neugart



With the servo motors RD25 and RD38 RoboDrive presents high-performance motors based on the proven stator-rotor installation kits.

The RoboDrive technology provides the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability in a compact design.

The integrated absolute encoder enables high positioning accuracy and excellent speed stability. The design of the mounting flange allows the combination with the gearheads of the leading precision gear manufacturers.

On request the motors are delivered with gearheads of Gysin, Maxon and Neugart.


Basic Data

*Theoretical no-load rotation speeds at Ur=48V. Variations can arise from operation with different inverters. Higher rotation speeds or change of the voltage level can be achieved by changing the connection scheme.

Electrical Data

All data relate to star-serial connection at Ur=48V. The voltage level can be altered on customer request.