Sorensen ASD FLX Series Programmable Precision High Power DC Power Supply

Sorensen ASD FLX Series Programmable Precision High Power DC Power Supply

Product Overview:

  • High Power Density: 30kW in 3U
  • Water-cooled
  • Front loading Modules for Flexable Configuration
    • Configure modules for 40V, 60V or other (as available) easily with rear panel dip switches
  • Advanced Digital Features
    • Factory "Flight data" recorder-like function
    • Advanced fault detection



The ASD FLX gets its name from its modular design with front loading modules for easy access and flexible voltage assignment. The chassis with removable, lightweight modules allows for easy one person installation. Furthermore, this product has a wide range of voltage input, 324 VAC to 528 VAC, giving it the flexibility to be utilized globally in a single configuration.

The ASD FLX with its 3U, 30kW water-cooled packaging provides one of the highest power densities available with outstanding output ripple and noise. The water-cooling allows for use in environments that normally exclude air-cooled power supplies.

Advanced digital controls included in the ASD FLX have the ability to allow you to program slew rates, such as current and voltage, as well as program transient response times to emulate specific recovery times. The ASD FLX optional advanced features also allow you to program different “fault levels”, enabling detection of output cabling, connections or load problems before they cause critical system problems. The factory flight data recorder feature has the ability to record parameters such as voltage, current, power, load impedance, faults and input voltages, allowing the factory to easily determine “why” you had an unexpected outcome.

Advanced features include

  • Precise programming of voltage and current slew rate for sensitive loads.
  • Industrial field bus interface (Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU, Ethernet) enable real-time digital control.
  • Built in power quality monitoring detects and saves input voltage anomalies which can be saved for later diagnostic analysis.
  • Programmable analog interface scaling facilitates integrating the ASD FLX with existing systems easily.
  • Built-in energy meter calculates the delivered energy throughout a process or period of time.
  • Optional real time clock enables accurate timestamping of events.


ASD MODBUS Control Interface GUI V1.200-sig 11/09/2015 (1.9Mb)