Sorensen SL Series 75 - 1800W Electronic Load

Sorensen SL Series 75 - 1800W Electronic Load

Product Overview:

Flexible Product Line
  • Low power DC modules 
  • Low power AC modules 
  • High power DC, 19" rack mounted loads
  • High power AC, 19" rack mounted loads
  • 26 Total Models
Flexible Control
  • Remote: GPIB, RS-232, Analog 
  • Manual: Front Panel
  • DC Modes: CC, CR, CV, CP
  • AC Modes: CR, CC with crest factor control
  • Dynamic mode with slew rate control
Flexible Data Feedback
  • GPIB, RS-232
  • Current monitor output (SLM DC only)
  • Front panel


From the leader in programmable power products, Sorensen introduces the SL series electronic loads which offer the best value with the most flexible platform. A wide range of loads are available from 75-1800W with both DC and AC input in benchtop, modular and standalone form factors.

Rackmount/Standalone Models:
SLH Family
Fully programmable, high power AC or DC electronic loads. The 500V models are for PFC testing, power transformers and various other AC or DC power sources. The 300V models are used for testing of UPSs, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and batteries.

  • High current, 60V DC models for general purpose power supply testing
  • High voltage, AC/DC models are intended for inverter test, Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit testing (500V) and UPS testing (300V)

Modular Models:
SLM Chassis
The SLM chassis are available in a convenient single-bay configuration (see image on the right) for benchtop/desktop applications and a four-bay configuration (see image on the left) for multichannel and ATE requirements. Either chassis is compatible with SLM- and SLD- loads. Each chassis contains non-volatile memory capable of storing up to 150 module setups and nine 16-step sequences for automated, standalone testing. Or for more complex test sequences, the chassis come with GPIB (optional on SLM-1) and RS-232 as standard interfaces.

SLM Family
The SLM family includes 11 models of fully programmable, single input AC or DC modular electronic loads. DC models are offered to test power supplies, battery chargers, battery discharge, power supply transient response and integration into ATE systems. AC models are ideal to test low power inverters.

The DC models support operation in Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance or Constant Power mode as well as a short simulation. Engineers have ultimate control of current waveforms by using either the analog input or CC dynamic mode. An analog input (single input DC models) allows arbitrary current waveforms up to 20kHz with an external 0-10V signal. In dynamic mode, the pulse generator allows fast state switching between two programmed current levels with programmed slew rate and dwell times.

SLD Family
The SLD family offers six models of fully programmable, dual input modular electronic loads. These DC modules are specifically designed for low power, high channel count testing and provide the highest channel density available. (The double wide, dual channel module is seen here, but the single wide, dual channel model is not pictured.)



Line 115V / 230V±10%, switch selectable or optional 100V / 200V±10%, switch selectable
Frequency 50/60Hz
Fuse 2A/250V or 1A/250V
Power Consumption 100W Maximum

150 memory settings for DC modules 
5 memory settings for AC modules 
Memory settings store entire chassis condition

SEQUENCER (see figure 2 below)
Control Front panel
Timing 100ms-9.9secs per step
Maximum Steps per Sequence 16
Number of Sequences 9
All Parameters

12-bit resolution

AC Crest Factor (see figure 3 below)
Sinewave √2, 1.5-3.5, Resolution: 0.1
Squarewave 1.0-3.4, Resolution: 0.1
DC √2, 2.0-3.5, Resolution: 0.5
Maximum Peak Current = 2 x Rated Current
150 Settings for DC 
5 Settings for AC
Voltage, Current, Power 16-bit resolution
VA Vrms x Arms
SLM DB9 connector
SLH BNC connector
DC, Single Input (SLH or SLM)
CC Mode 0-10V = 0 – FS
Bandwidth 20kHz Sums Current with Programmed Value
AC (SLH or SLM) Sync signal on zero crossing
AC input fuses
OVP, OCP, OPP ~5% above rate maximum
OTP ~85°C Heat sink temperature
DC Loads Reverse Polarity All protection modes turn off LOAD input
Hardware Input Voltage Limit 60V Rated DC Input: 100V 
250V Rated DC Input: 400V 
500V Rated DC and all AC Input: 900V
Certified to UL/CSA 61010 and IEC/EN 61010-1
CE Compliant (LVD and EMC Directives)
Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C
Storage Temperature -10° to 65°C
Front, Side, Top Air Inlets 
Rear Exhaust 
Units may be rackmounted without spacing.
SLM-1 RS-232C, GPIB (Optional)
SLM-4 RS-232C, GPIB, ANALOG (Analog programming not available on AC/DC modules)
SLH RS-232C, GPIB, ANALOG (Analog programming not available on AC/DC modules)
DYNAMIC OPERATION (DC MODELS) (see figure 4 below)
Mode CC
T high, T low 50us to 9.999sec
Slew Rate See Specification Tables
I high, I low 0 to Rated Current



DC Load Operations Manual 979KB RevC 11/20/2008 (1.19MB)_RevC 990KB_RevC
AC Load Operations Manual 12/21/2007 (939) RevB 12/21/2007 (678KB) Rev B
Chassis Operations Manual SLM-1 08/06/2015 (1.3Mb) Rev D
Chassis Operations Manual SLM-4 12/18/2007 (811KB) Rev B
Software Calibration Manual RevA RevA RevA
DC LabVIEW Drivers ¹ Ver1.0 Ver1.0 Ver1.11
AC LabVIEW Drivers ¹ Ver1.0 Ver1.0
¹ Requires LabVIEW ver 7.1 or newer and National Instrument's VISA RTE 2.6 or later