Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer MXs-B and MSO MXs-B 200MHz-1GHz Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer MXs-B and MSO MXs-B 200MHz-1GHz Oscilloscopes

Product Overview:

WaveSurfer MXs-B
  • 200 MHz, 400 MHz, 600 MHz and 1 GHz Bandwidths
  • Up to 10 GS/s Sample Rate
  • 16 Mpts/Ch Memory, 32 Mpts Interleaved
  • Fast Processing of Long Memory and Math
  • Responsive User Interface
  • WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode
  • WaveScan - Advanced Search and Find
  • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
  • 10.4" Touch Screen Display 
  • LXI Compliant
All the great features of the WaveSurfer mXs-B plus:
  • 18 Digital Channels
  • Max. Digital Signal Speed of 250 MHz
  • Analog and Digital Cross Pattern Triggering



The WaveSurfer MXs-B and MSO MXs-B oscilloscopes pack high performance hardware, powerful waveform processing and advanced math, measurement and debug tools into a compact form factor with a large touch screen display and intuitive user interface.

Mixed Signal – No Compromises

18 channels, 1 GS/s, 250 MHz all the time, measure and analyze with all the oscilloscope tools

Identify and Isolate Problems Fast

Quickly locate analog or digital waveforms for runts, glitches or other anamolies with WaveScan

Measure and Analyze

Use 18 measurement parameters and 23 math functions to understand every detail of your waveforms

See Problems Faster

View variations in waveforms with 256 levels of intensity and at 22,000 waveforms per second

Touch Screen Simplicity

Easily control channels, trigger, math and measurements with the large touch screen and intuitive interface

Analog, Digital, Serial

Capture and view up to 4 analog and 18 digital waveforms and decode 15 different serial data standards

Save, Document, Report

Save all results and data with a single button press and create custom reports with LabNotebook



Main Specifications

Bandwidth 200 MHz - 1 GHz
Starting from $11,400
Standard Memory 16 Mpts - 32 Mpts
Max Memory 32 Mpts/ch Interleaved
Max Sampling Rate 10 GS/s
Input Channels 4
Resolution 8-bit



App Notes/LAB Brief

LAB WM823 - LabNotebook
Version: 1.0 

Product Manuals

Getting Started Manual
Version: Rev A 
Quick Reference Guide
Version: Rev A 
Remote Control Manual
Version: Rev D 
WS-GPIB User's Manual
Version: Rev A 

Programming Examples

Decoding Event Times
Version: Rev A 
Measure Gate To Cursor
Version: Rev A 
Version: Rev A 
Save All Displayed ActiveDSO
Version: Rev A 
Save Segment Trigger Times
Version: Rev A 
Split XMLDig file
Version: Rev A 
Statistic to Excel ActiveDSO
Version: Rev A 
Statistic to Excel DCOM
Version: Rev A 
THD Excel ActiveDSO
Version: Rev A 

Release Notes





Version: 2.36  Released: 06-Dec-2013
DigTrace Utility
Version: 1.2  Released: 06-Oct-2008
DigTrace Utility
Version: 1.0  Released: 10-Feb-2000
WaveStudio 64 bit Installer
Version:  Released: 16-Jun-2015
WaveStudio Installer
Version:  Released: 16-Jun-2015

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