VTI Instruments Sentinel EX Integrated Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning Systems

VTI Instruments Sentinel EX Integrated Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning Systems

Product Overview:

Scalable, Distributable, and Customizable Modular Data Acquisition Solutions
  • General purpose/high speed data acquisition
  • Modal or GVT (Ground Vehicle Testing) testing
  • Pyroshock testing
  • Vibration (shaker table) testing
  • Order analysis or rotating machinery applications
  • Acoustics
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Static Structural and Fatigue




For over 25 years, VTI's mission critical data acquisition solutions have been used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, large structures, and complex electronic systems. Our legacy of innovation and our reputation as the Gold Standard in a wide range of applications, from critical infrastructure to flight safety and troop security, defines our ongoing commitment to product performance and quality. 

Corporate-Wide Application Coverage 

The SentinelEX Integrated Data Acquisition Family is capable of delivering complete corporate-wide coverage spanning a broad range of applications and measurement types. VTI’s turnkey approach to scalable, distributable, and customizable modular data acquisition solutions provides our customers with the flexibility to tailor their data acquisition system to their specific test requirements while minimizing the uncertainty traditionally inherent in piecing together a test system.

  • Open architecture configurability and synthetic instrument (FPGA) customization
  • Unmatched signal integrity and measurement performance
  • Speeds ranging from dynamic, high-speed to steady state
  • Applications ranging from several channels to thousands of channels
  • Cloud data management
  • Complete application space coverage regardless of the type of measurement or transducer

What Do Customers Gain from Leveraging SentinelEX Series?

  • The gold standard for any mechanical test applications
  • Peace of mind that comes from leveraging proven, high-reliability solutions
  • Unmatched performance and accuracy of test data
  • Simplified testing with highly distributable and scalable solutions
  • Turn-key full-featured software for every application


Unrivaled Accuracy 

VTI leads the industry in measurement performance from best-in-class static structural and temperature measurement to VTI’s latest 4th generation Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) instrumentation (testing NVH, Modal, Acoustic, Vibration, Pyroshock and more). The SentinelEX family leverages a rich history of focusing on noise reduction and analog signal fidelity to deliver accurate and repeatable data. 


Distributed Data Acquisition 

Precision distributed measurement synchronization is accomplished utilizing IEEE 1588 (precision time protocol) ensuring that test data is time correlated, whether the instrumentation is centrally located or distributed around the test article for closer transducer proximity and higher accuracy. 


Turnkey Software and Industry Standard Drivers 

VTI provides numerous turnkey and customizable software packages for the SentinelEX series ranging from general data logging to top industry analysis in Modal, Acoustics, and NVH. The SentinelEX product family delivers complete application space coverage with solutions designed to meet challenging, and changing data acquisition requirements. Industry standard drivers and open application programming interfaces provide the flexibility and freedom of choice to select the environment best suited to the specific development requirements. 


Product List 

General Purpose DAQ
EX1000A Series Hi-accuracy 48-ch voltage instrument (opt. tabletop or rack available)
EX1200 Series High-Density Switch/Measure and Control Subsystem
EX2500 LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet Slot-0 Interface
Temperature/Voltage Measurement
EX1000A Series Hi-accuracy 48-ch voltage instrument (opt. tabletop or rack available)
EX1200 Series High-Density Switch/Measure and Control Subsystem

Strain Measurement
EX1629 48 channel High Performance Strain Gage Instrument
High Speed Dynamic Signal Analysis
EMX-4350 4 Channel, 24-bit A/D up to 625 kSa/s, NVH/DSA/Acceleration
EMX-4380 4 Channel, 625 kSa/s, 24-bit DSA Instr, Charge, IEPE and Voltage
EMX-4250 16 Channel, 24-bit A/D up to 204 kSa/s, NVH/DSA/Acceleration
EMX-4008/16 High-Performance Breakout Boxes for EMX-425x
EMX-6010 8 Channel, 16-bit, 10 MSa/s, 1 MHz bandwidth pyroshock instrument
EMX-6050 8 Channel, 16-bit, 10 MSa/s, 5 MHz bandwidth high-speed digitizer
EMX-1434 4 Channel, 192 kSa/s synchronized DSA source with integrated tach and DIO
DAQ Software
EXLAB Full Feature, Turn-key, Data Acquisition Software Solution
VTICoda Large Scale Structural Test Solution
X-Modal Comprehensive Modal Analysis Software Package

Modular Mainframes and Controllers
CMX09 9-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis, up to 8 GB/s
CMX18 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis
EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet LXI System Controller for PXIe Mainframes (LXI-PXIe bridge)