VTI Instruments VM8016 16-channel Low Thermal Multiplexer

VTI Instruments VM8016 16-channel Low Thermal Multiplexer

Product Overview:

  • Low Thermal Offset Relays, <0.5 mV
  • High Insulation Resistance
  • Ideal for High-precision Signal Switching with DMMs
  • Designed for 2- or 4-wire Switching
  • Configured as 2(1x8) 2-wire Multiplexers
  • SCPI Compatible
  • Message-based Control



The VM8016 is a high precision, low thermal relay multiplexer. The design ideally suits the needs of instrumentation and data acquisition/process control, and is recommended for use in high accuracy applications, where a general-purpose switch module will not suffice. It is also ideal in general-purpose applications when combined with other VMIP™ instruments, saving VXIbus card slot space. The relays are designed specifically for switching low level signals, and employ a thermally compensating ceramic chip to minimize the offset generated by the relay at the junctions. 

The VM8016 belongs to the VMIP™ family of products. This gives the user the added flexibility of combining it with other instruments to create a multi-function C-size card, or with other VM8016s to provide up to 48 channels of low-level signal switching in a single C-size card slot.



Maximum Switching Voltage: 200 V dc or 200 V peak ac

Maximum Switching Current: 0.5 A

Minimum Carry Current: 1.0 A

Maximum Power per Channel: 10 w

Maximum Thermal EMF: <1 μV

Closed Channel Path Resistance: <0.5 Ω

Insulation Resistance: 1011 Ω
(between any two points)


  • VM8016 Product Manual - 82-0037-000