VTI Instruments VT4000C Hybrid Star/Matrix Switch Module, EX1200 ICA

VTI Instruments VT4000C Hybrid Star/Matrix Switch Module, EX1200 ICA

Product Overview:

  • 64 channel 4-pole switch creates multi-purpose GPI I/O pins
  • Legacy support of digital test instruments
  • Each pin can support 1 GHz signal path to rear interface
  • All channels can be routed to internal matrix expansion bus
  • IVI Switch - compliant API



The VT4000C is part of the EX1200-ICA family and incorporates high-fidelity four-pole switching to create multi-purpose I/O pins at the receiver interface. The VT4000C integrates an active relay card with a series-80 compatible coax module. A four-pole switch is connected to each of the 64 pins, and provides switched paths to either digital test instruments, a 1 GHz connector at the back of the EX1200-ICA mainframe, or to a low-frequency analog matrix that can be used to connect the GPI pin to other test system assets or to other I/O on other EX1200-ICA modules. 

In low-frequency mode, a path is established to an internal multiplexer that routes to the internal analog expansion backplane. GPI signals can be routed to instruments such as DMMs or counters, or to other VT4000C modules within the mainframe. 

The VT4000C is programmed through VTI’s IVI-compliant driver. Instrument specific functions allow full end-to-end path-level programming including external wiring in test adapters.