Yokogawa PowerViewerPlus (760881)

Product Overview:

The PX8000 Precision Power Scope was released as high frequency and transient power measurement of electric energy saving equipment. In order to support that measurement and evaluation, we released dedicated software 760881 PowerViewrPlus. This software enables measured waveform and numeric data transfer to a personal computer (PC) and realizes smooth calculation and analysis.


Main functions

  • Remote control of PX8000 (1 set)
  • Monitoring screen of PX8000
  • Main waveform display, zoom waveform display, history memory display, X-Y waveform display, and measurement result display.
  • Waveform parameter automatic measurement / computational measurement
  • Conversion of multiple files (WPF→CSV)
  • Saving data
  • User defined computation

    Max. 32 expressions for waveforms MATH1 to MATH32, 100M points/CH Arithmetic expressions can be created using the following combinations of waveform operations and constants. +, −, *, /, SHIFT, ABS, SQRT, LOG, EXP, NEG, SIN, COS, TAN, ATAN, PH, DIF, DDIF, INTG, IINTG, BIN, SQR, CUBE, F1, F2, FV, PWHH, PWHL, PWLH, PWLL, PWXX, DUTYH, DUTYL, FILT1, FILT2, HLBT, MEAN, LS-, PS-, PSD-, CS-, TF-, CH-, MAG, LOGMAG, PHASE, REAL, IMAG,TREND, TRENDM, TRENDD, TRENDF, _HH, _LL, _XX and ZC

Remote control of PX8000 (1 set)

You can operate your PX8000 through you PC on setting screen of the PowerViewerPlus.

760811 remote


Monitoring of PX8000 screen

The PowerViewerPlus motors of a screen of your PX8000. The update cycle can be set.

760881 screen


Screen Details

Main waveform display, zoom waveform display, history memory display, X-Y waveform display, and measurement result display.

760881 display


Saving data

You can save measurement data both waveform and numeric and the setting information into your PC at same time.

760881 data


User defined computation (MATH)

On PX8000, there is maximum data point restriction up to 4M points in MATH function. However, the PowerViewerPlus does not have such limit and customers can analyze all data without stress. The MATH function is available up to 32 expressions.

760881 math

Saving Data Formats
Setup parameters1

CFG format (.cfg)

Numeric data CSV format (.csv)
Waveform data CSV format (.csv), WPF format (.wpf)

1 Setup parameters cannot be saved to CSV files. 

Loading Data Formats
Setup parameters

CFG format (.cfg)

Numeric data2 -
Waveform data2 WPF format (.wpf)

2 CSV data cannot be loaded into the software. 

Numeric data
Bar graph3

3 Harmonic measurement option must be installed in the PX. 

PX configuration
All functions that are available as communication commands

System Requirements
Personal Computer CPU Dual core 64-bit processor or faster
Memory 2 GB or more recommended
Hard Disk 10GB available free space or more
OS 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. 

(All English versions)

Communications Port

GP-IB: Products of NI (National Instruments)



On Windows Vista, Windows 7: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.2.7.2 or later.

On Windows 8 or Windows 8.1: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.3.1.0 or later.


On Windows Vista, Windows 7: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver. 2.8.1 or later.

On Windows 8 or Windows 8.1: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.3.1.0 or later.

Ethernet: 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX or 1000BASE-T compatible Ethernet port
USB: A USB Rev. 1.1 or later USB port
Display, Printer and Mouse Screen Resolution: 1366×768 pixels or higher

Disk Drive: A drive that can read CD-Rs

Applicable Operating Systems: Must be compaible with the operating systems listed above.

PX8000 with power measurement element (at least 1 set) and AUX module.

Instruction Manual


Name Description  
PowerViewerPlus 760881 (trial version) PowerViewerPlus can control a PX8000 and acquire raw waveform data from the PX8000 via Ethernet, USB or GP-IB and calculate numeric, harmonic data and waveform parameters. y-Link

More Product Information

  • Used to connect an oscilloscope having a 1M-ohm input to a probe with a 50-ohm output.
  • It is required when using the 701920 and 701922 probes with the DL1600 series.

This cable is used to connect an external device. Do not use this cable for purposes other than DL750/1600/1700/1700E/7400 GO/NO-GO judgement.

T-adapter for BNC connectors. Use for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.

BNC-BNC 1m. For connection to simultaneously measurement with 2 units, or for input external trigger signal.

For reference junction compensation sensor. Pt100, 1.95 m

BNC-BNC 2m. For connection to simultaneously measurement with 2 units, or for input external trigger signal.

These sensors are used for early detection of changes in vibrations of machinery. Early detection is critical in preventing damage to equipment and the results of costly delays. Vibration sensors can be used on motors, fans, pumps, moderate speed gearboxes, paper machine rolls, compressors and many more applications that use machinery on a daily basis.
Vibration sensors are key within the automotive and power generation industries and can be used in just about every industry process worldwide.

  • The AQ2200-651 Signal Generator module reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining Signal Generation functions into the same mainframe  that provides bus and power control while performing BERT and Optical testing. This allows a single programming interface to control all aspects of the transceiver  test, simplifying test setup, decreasing test time and increasing productivity. 
  • The wiring complexity and test bench size are reduced by replacing up to 5 Signal Generators with a single module.

Xwirepuller enables the DL (M) Series to be controlled from your PC via the Ethernet, USB, or GP-IB interface.
When the software program starts, the front panel image of the connected DL (M) Series appears on the monitor of your PC. You can control the DL (M) Series from your PC with the mouse to simulate operations using the front panel keys of the instrument. 
  • Control DL (M) Series.
  • Display the screen image of DL (M) Series on a PC.
  • Select the Control Window Size and display update rate.
  • Save the screen image data displayed on your PC in BMP or PNG format.