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Teledyne Lecroy - PeRT3 Phoenix System

  • Bit Error Rate tester with protocol aware capabilities
  • Comprehensive  jitter generation capapbility for receiver jitter and noise tolerance testing
  • Built in 3 tap de-emphasis generator
  • Protocol aware generator and receiver with 1 Gbyte space for custom patterns and protocol state machines
  • 10G option to enable full BER capabilities at 10 Gbps
  • Supports 128B/132B pattern generation and error detection
  • Supports USB3.1 loopback initialization
  • Complete jitter profile to support USB3.1jitter tolerance testing at 10Gbps
  • Built in De-emphasis generator
  • SKP filtering and injections at 10 Gbps
  • User defined test scripting functions for jitter tolerance equalization optimization search,l and multi-parameter sweep testing
  • User Customizable State Machines for protocol handshake and link training