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Abaco CPCI-100A-BP 2-slot IndustryPack carrier for 3U CompactPCI

  • Rear I/O
  • 8 MHz IndustryPack clock for each slot
  • Two IndustryPack slots on a 3U CPCI card

Abaco CPMC1 Carrier Card - PMC carrier card for 3U CompactPCI

  • 3U CompactPCI carrier for one PMC module
  • 64 bit/66 MHz & 32-/64-bit /33MHz PCI bus
  • Rear and front panel I/O (depending on style)
  • Air- and conduction-cooled (depending on style)
  • Extended temperature -40o to +85oC
  • Optional conformal coating
  • Ultra compact. 1 slot only
  • High shock and vibration immunity (depending on style)
  • One PMC site
  • Front & rear I/O
  • 3U CPCI carrier board, optional conduction cooled
  • 64-bit, 66 MHz, up to 512 MB/s operation

Abaco IMPCC1 3U CPCI single PMC carrier card for use with IMP1A

  • 3.3V/5V PMC signaling
  • 5 air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels
  • For use in 3.3V CompactPCI backplane
  • Single PMC site
  • 3U CompactPCI form factor
  • 32-bit/33MHz PCI interface
  • Front and rear I/O versions available
  • For Ruggedization Levels, please see the configuration guide under the downloads tab

Abaco RCNIC-A2PA3 Interface Dual port 10/100 full duplex 3U card for AFDX/ARINC 664support

  • AFDX/ARINC 664 Part 7 dual port interface (two independent 10/100 MHz full duplex ports)
  • Available mounted on PCI, PCI Express and 3U cPCI carrier cards
  • 33/66 MHz, 32-bit PCI interface
  • Includes AFDX and low-level software
  • Developers’ Kit (SDK) at no additional charge
  • Advanced reception features
    • 20 nsec time-tags
    • IRIG-B synchronization
    • DMA transfer to host
    • Full throughput capability
    • Link level error detection
  • Advanced transmission scheduling
    • Highly accurate
    • Flexible scheduling modes
    • DMA transfer from host
    • Full throughput capability
    • Link level error injection
  • Advanced software support
    • Flexible packet capture API
    • AFDX/ARINC 664 Part 7 API
    • XML configuration format
    • Integrated log file format
    • Berkeley packet filter engine
  • Four bi-directional avionics level discretes
  • Input and output triggers per channel
  • Built-in test features
  • Supportable throughout program lifetime with Product Lifetime Management (PLM) program