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Nexeya Horizon II Bench-top Wiring Analyzer

With Horizon II you get a powerful bench-top, fully automated wiring analyzer that can learn, test and help troubleshoot your product iwth minimal or no operator involvement.  You can network your Horizon II, use it as a stand-alone tester or integrate it into an automated assembly / test line.  Some of the key features include: 
  • Automated random adapter hookup
  • Automated product learning, fault location and re-test
  • Test 'start' and 'stop' buttons to minimize operator effort and decrease cycle times
  • Test report and printed label generation
  • Expandable to 1024 points
  • Selectable 2 or 4 wire resistance test modes
  • High-speed, high-voltage testng algorithms
  • Hipot testing capability uo to 1500 VDC and/or 1067 VAC
  • 1A fixed or optional programmable high current source
  • Real-time temperature and humidity on-screen display

Nexeya MPT & MPT2 Wiring Analyzer and software tools

CableTest's MPT Wiring Analyzer and software tools create a powerful combination of programmable sources, measurement range/accuracy, ultra-fast test cycle times and a highly flexible test development environment.  
The MPT2 series offers the perfect combination of modularity, portability, functionality and power.
Key features of the MPT2 Wiring Analyzer include:
  • Random adapter connection tools
  • Automatic product learn tools
  • Multilingual easy-use operator interface
  • System integration with execution management systems
  • Wireless operator interface and remote monitoring an dcontrol
  • Intelligent diagnostic tools that simplify troubleshooting of complex wiring nets

Nexeya WiDD solution (Wiring Defect Detection)

For fault finding (continuous or intermittent faults) in in-service / MRO environments or for product characterization and life cycle material management of wires, cables and harnesses, as well as connectors and backplanes, the WIDD is the product that will deliver results in a cycle time second to no other piece of test equipment.