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Spirent - GSS200D GNSS Multi-Frequency Interference Detection and Analysis Solution

  • Because intentional or unintentional Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are impacting GNSS performance, knowing your RF environment is critical. Spirent GSS200D is a truly end-to-end solution that builds up a complete picture of interference activity at site of interest. It continuously monitors the GNSS frequency bands for interference, captures and analyses them.
  • The GSS200D is the world’s first detection system that operates simultaneously on multi-frequency.
  • Easy and secure
    • PT Cloud
      • RFI “events” are automatically uploaded on PT Cloud, Spirent’s secure cloud infrastructure. Access the results and manage your GSS200D via secure authentication and a simple web browser.
      • Discover PT Cloud’s data analytics and visualization tools, enabling monitoring over time and in-depth trend analysis.
  • A comprehensive picture of your RF environment
    • The GSS200D can enable correlation between observed performance issues and the threats that caused them, confirm that a particular installation is contaminated or uncontaminated by RF interference.
    • It can help to differentiate nonintentional interference from jamming, distinguish different jammers or identify multiple detections of the same jammers.
    • It provides quantified information that can support the development of effective countermeasures.

Spirent - GSS7725 Interference Generator

  • The Spirent GSS7725 is a dedicated RF interference generator that turns I/Q files into interference signals.
  • Combined with a GNSS simulator, the GSS7725 lets you test your chipset or device in a variety of different interference environments, under controlled, repeatable conditions.
  • Unlike other standalone interference generators, the GSS7725 seamlessly integrates with Spirent GNSS simulators, test packs and automation tool.
  • The I/Q files that the GSS7725 uses to generate RF interference waveforms can be loaded from a variety of sources. These include:
    • The Spirent Vulnerabilities and Threats Test Pack – this contains 33 pre-recorded interference signals, covering a broad spectrum of real-world interference types
    • The Spirent GSS200D – you can access interference you have recorded and stored in PT Cloud
    • Spirent Professional Services – we can work with you to develop the custom I/Q files you need
  • Want to test even faster? The GSS7725 works alongside Spirent PT TestBench to support automated testing of RF interference scenarios.

Spirent - GSS7765 GPS interference testing

  • Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
    • High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience - improves system accuracy and reduces field testing, debug times.
  • Flexible configuration
    • The system comprises one or more high quality commercial signal generators plus an Interference Combination Unit (ICU), and offers a very broad range of interfering signal options.
  • Powerful software
    • GSS7765 is supported by Spirent’s SimGEN™ for Windows® software suite supporting three operating modes.
  • Scalable
    • The GSS7765 supports up to four fully independent interference sources by the addition of extra generators to the single-source base configuration.