Accelerating Integration in Automated Test Systems

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Accelerating Integration in Automated Test Systems

White Paper
Automated Test Systems

Defining an automated test system can be challenging: the goal of a test system architect is to accelerate the test system design process, ensure that the system can be easily deployed and sustained throughout the product life cycle and, of course, all while maintaining test quality.

Pickering’s unique approach to solving challenges associated with signal switching and routing implementations will be presented in this white paper. Still, many of the thought processes and guidelines can be applied to other aspects of your test system, regardless of supplier. 

In this white paper, you will also learn about the benefits of a well-defined test development process and strategies to accelerate and achieve an optimized, automated test methodology. Details include:

  • The Current State of the Industry
  • Common Challenges Customers Face
  • Strategies and Considerations to Accelerate Integration
  • Pickering Interfaces’ Test Integration Solutions
  • And More

Many tools are available to help integrate test systems and speed test system development. This white paper has focuses on ways to make the integration phase of a test system project more efficient and easier. However, Pickering offers products, support and guidance across a test system’s entire lifetime.

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