Abaco - AXIS Pro Advanced Multiprocessor Application Development Environment

Abaco - AXIS Pro Advanced Multiprocessor Application Development Environment
AXIS View GUI - multiprocessor management tools
  • Multi-board system visualization
  • Rapid application development
  • Runtime performance analysis
Inter-processor communication - AXIS Takyon or AXIS Flow high performance middleware
  • Open standard middleware with GPUDirect™ support
  • AXIS Flow IPC with 42 APIs
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and VxWorks
  • OFED RDMA for 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand (Linux and Windows)
  • Hardware multicast support.
Event analysis –EventView
  • Instrumentation API
  • Simple to use GUI
GUI builder toolkit –DataView
  • Rapid GUI development
  • Simple integration with application
Abaco quick start application examples
  • Signal processing demo (included)
  • AXIS image processing demo (contact Abaco)
Related software sold separately: AXISLib – optimized signal processing and vector math libraries.


Better tools for better code

A module within the AXIS Pro tool suite, AXIS Takyon is an open application programming interface (API) library providing peer-to-peer data communication between multiple entities in a heterogenous computer system. It simplifies the way CPUs, GPUs and sub-systems connect and move data. Developing with Takyon improves coding efficiency by unifying all network applications under a single API compared to the multi-API solutions most often used today.

Ready to code faster?

Easy to learn and adopt, the AXIS Takyon API is intuitive in naming convention and concept and is equipped with extensive documentation and example material. This reduces the average time to deployment from months to weeks.

Do more with less

Takyon dramatically reduces source code footprint and simplifies the number of external APIs necessary to achieve a specified functionality.\

This single, multi-purpose API reduces the developer’s API toolbox, supporting faster deployment of peer-to-peer application software across a range of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications including radar, sonar, SIGINT, and image processing.

A fully open source reference implementation is available along with an optimized, feature rich commercial implementation providing RDMA support for low latency data movement between CPU and GPU compute entities.

More Product Information

Matrox Imaging - Design Assistant X, Integrated Development Environment Software
  • Solve machine vision applications efficiently by constructing flowcharts instead of writing program code
  • Choose the best platform for the job within a hardware-independent environment that supports Matrox Imaging smart cameras and vision controllers and third-party PCs with CoaXPress, GigE Vision, or USB3 Vision cameras
  • Tackle machine vision applications with utmost confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, classifying, locating, measuring, reading, and verifying
  • Leverage deep learning for visual inspection through image classification and segmentation tools
  • Use a single program for creating both the application logic and operator interface
  • Work with multiple cameras all within the same project or per project running concurrently and independently from one another, platform permitting
  • Interface to Matrox AltiZ and third-party 3D sensors to process and analyze depth maps and point clouds
  • Rely on a common underlying vision library for the same results with a Matrox Imaging smart camera, vision system, or third-party computer
  • Maximize productivity with instant feedback on image analysis and processing operations
  • Receive immediate, pertinent assistance through an integrated contextual guide
  • Communicate actions and results to other automation and enterprise equipment via discrete Matrox I/Os, RS-232, and Ethernet (TCP/IP, CC-Link IE Field Basic, EtherNet/IP™2, Modbus®, OPC UA, and PROFINET®, and native robot interfaces)
  • Test communication with a programmable logic controller (PLC) using the built-in PLC interface emulator
  • Maintain control and independence through the ability to create custom flowchart steps
  • Increase productivity and reduce development costs with Matrox Vision Academy online and on-premises training
  • Protect against inappropriate changes with the Project Change Validator tool

Abaco - IPN254 6U VPX High Performance Computing Multiprocessor with NVIDIA Quadro Turing GPGPU and 9th Gen Intel Xeon E CPU
  • NVIDIA Quadro Turing RTX3000 GPU:
    • 6.4 TFLOPS peak performance
  • Intel Xeon E CPU (E-2276ME):
    • 64 GB DDR4 with ECC, 32 MB Flash, up to 256 GB SSD (NVMe), Security FPGA
  • FPGA (for CPU):
    • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA with advanced security capabilities
  • Multi-fabric architecture
    • P1 data plane: 2x 10/40 GigE KX4/ KR4
    • P2 expansion plane: x16 Gen 3 PCIe
    • P4 control plane: x2 10 GigE Base-KR, x2 1000BASE-T
  • CPU I/O:
    • 6x USB 3.1
    • 4x SATA Gen3
    • Up to 4x serial ports
    • 10x single ended GPIO
    • 3x GPIO LVDS
    • 2x DP 1.2 4K @ 60 Hz
    • XMC I/O (x8 PCIe Gen 3)
    • Front I/O (1x 1GigE, 1x COM port, 1x DP 1.2, 1x USB 3.1)
  • GPU I/O:
    • 2x Display Port 1.4 - 4K @ 60 Hz
    • 2x SL-DVI – 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • Software:
    • UEFI, BIT, OpenGL, OpenCL™
    • Linux®, Windows®, NVIDIA CUDA®
    • AXISLib, AXIS ImageFlex

Abaco - VP430 Development Kit
The VP430 Development Kit is designed to speed, simplify and reduce the cost of developing advanced electronic warfare applications. It does this by pre-integrating the VP430 Direct RF Processing System with the VPX370 Development System and an SBC326 3U VPX single board computer to enable a fast start.

Abaco - VPX370 3U VPX Development System, 7-slot system with integrated Single Board Computer
  • 3U OpenVPX™ Modular System
  • Adjacent inter-slot communication bandwidth: up to 2 GB/s with optional PCIe Gen3
  • 0.8”, 0.85” or 1.0” module pitch compatible
  • Five OpenVPX™ expansion slots
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) support
  • Air-cooled bottom-top airflow
  • Dual 300W power supplies (600W aggregate per system), 3U plug-in modules.
  • 3U VPX 24-lanes PCIe Gen2 switch (PCIe Gen3 optional).
  • Supports Abaco 3U VPX FPGA and SoC boards.
  • Supports multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs
  • Rackmount version available (VPX371)

SunAR RF Motion - Custom Positioners - Single/Multi Axis Positioners Designed to Specification
  • Any size
  • Heavy or light loads
  • Modular design
  • Portable or fixed
  • Non-conductive or metal
  • Variable speed
  • High precision
  • Cost effective

Matrox Imaging - Library X, Development Kit Software
  • Solve applications rather than develop underlying tools by leveraging a toolkit with a more than 25-year history of reliable performance
  • Tackle applications with utmost confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, classifying, locating, measuring, reading, and verifying
  • Base analysis on monochrome and color 2D images as well as 3D profiles, depth maps, and point clouds
  • Harness the full power of today’s hardware through optimizations exploiting SIMD, multi-core CPU, and multi-CPU technologies
  • Support platforms ranging from smart cameras to high-performance computing (HPC) clusters via a single consistent and intuitive application programming interface (API)
  • Obtain live data in different ways, with support for analog, Camera Link®, CoaXPress®, DisplayPort™, GenTL, GigE Vision®, HDMI™, SDI, and USB3 Vision®2 interfaces
  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of support 64-bit Windows® and Linux® along with Intel® and Arm® processor architectures
  • Leverage available programming know-how with support for C, C++, C#, CPython, and Visual Basic® languages
  • Experiment, prototype, and generate program code using MIL CoPilot interactive environment
  • Increase productivity and reduce development costs with Matrox Vision Academy online and on-premises training.

VIAVI - ADS-B INTEGRITY™ ADS-B Out Integrity Test Application
  • ADS-B equipment installation verification
  • Complete AC 20-165B fast and convenient reporting to identify installation issues
  • STC support
  • Eliminate post STC operational flights
  • Coupled testing in the hangar or on the flight line, eliminates:
    • Open sky requirements
    • GPS repeater
    • Weather issues
    • Interference with ATC operations
  • Saves time and money

Advanced Illumination - Extension Cables
  • For applications requiring power cables longer than the standard 2 meters provided with Ai lights.
  • Standard cable lengths are 3, 5, 9 and 15 meters.

Advanced Illumination - Mounting Brackets
  • To simplify the mounting process, Ai offers a line of camera brackets for positioning lights under or around the camera lens.
  • Most brackets are designed to be held in place by the same screw that secures the camera.

Abaco Systems

Abaco's history goes back more than 30 years, to the days of Plessey Microsystems in the UK – one of the first adopters worldwide of the ‘new’ VME standard. A management buyout saw Plessey become Radstone, who acquired ICS and Octec. Meanwhile, equally prominent embedded computing companies including SBS, VMIC and Condor Engineering were being acquired by GE to bolster its offering in that area – and Radstone was acquired by GE Fanuc Embedded Systems in September 2006. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems subsequently became GE Intelligent Platforms and, in September 2015, the embedded computing part of the business was acquired by Veritas Capital. The resulting business was named Abaco Systems.

We’re 700+ people, with our global headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama; a European headquarters and manufacturing site in Towcester, England; and offices throughout the world.

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