Abaco - FlexVPX Backplane 2 or 3-Slot Configurable Backplanes

Abaco - FlexVPX Backplane 2 or 3-Slot Configurable Backplanes
  • 2-slots
  • 1” pitch
  • PCIe switch with 5 fat pipes
  • VITA 48.2 compliant
  • RTM connector available for cable connections to other backplanes
  • VITA 67.2 I/O for analog connections
  • 2-slots
  • 1” pitch
  • 16-lane PCIe Gen 2 connection between slots
  • PCIe switch with 5 fat pipes
  • VITA 48.2 compliant
  • RTM connector available for cable connections to other backplanes
  • 3-slots
  • 16-lane PCIe Gen 2 connection between slots
  • PCIe switch with 5 fat pipes
  • 12-lane Gigabit connections between slot 1 and 2
  • VITA48.2 compliant
  • RTM connector available for cable connections to other backplanes
  • VITA 67.2 I/O for analog connections on slots 1 and 2
  • RTM connector available for cable connections to other backplanes


FlexVPX provides system designers with the flexibility and performance required for the most demanding applications. The ability to interconnect 2 and 3-slot 3U VPX compliant backplanes allows for custom system configurations using COTS hardware. Backplanes are equipped with PCI Express bridges that ensure fast and high-throughput for point-to-point communication between different elements in the system. FlexVPX relies on OpenVPX (VITA 65) which enables the interoperability of products from different vendors. With the option to build multi-slot solutions, users have the opportunity to design a range of systems that feature a small footprint, a high level of ruggedization, and unmatched performance. FlexVPX is available in three standard configurations: VPB601, VPB602 and VPB603. Download the user manuals for more detailed information.

More Product Information

Abaco - PCIe490 8-slot PCI Express Gen 2 FPGA I/O Expansion Chassis
  • 8-Slot PCI Express Gen 2
  • PCIe x16 Host Datalink
  • 750W ATX Power Supply
  • x4 PCIe Lanes Per Slot
  • Rack Mount Ready
  • Isolated Temperature Environment
  • Chassis Daisy Chain Enabled

Abaco - VPX167 3U VPX Modular Platform for Aircraft Pods, Up to 7-slot solution for High Performance Critical Applications
  • 3U 7-slot VPX embedded System using FlexVPX backplanes
  • High Speed External Digital Communication using 10Gb or 1Gb Ethernet
  • High Speed inter-slot communication using PCIe
  • Ruggedized, conduction cooled enclosure designed to perform in harsh military environments.

Abaco - VPX361 3U VPX System, 6-slot system with integrated Single Board Computer
  • 3U OpenVPX embedded system
  • High-speed, inter-slot communication via independent links
  • 4U, 19-inch rackmount case
  • Optionally ruggedized
  • Compatible with 0.8-inch, 0.85- inch and 1.0-inch modules
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) support for additional storage or I/O
  • 300W Power Supply
  • Five user-defined OpenVPX (VITA 65)-compliant expansion slots
  • PCIe communication from each slot with Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • Supports multiple VP780 Virtex-7 FPGA boards
  • Multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs

Abaco - VPX370 3U VPX Development System, 7-slot system with integrated Single Board Computer
  • 3U OpenVPX™ Modular System
  • Adjacent inter-slot communication bandwidth: up to 2 GB/s with optional PCIe Gen3
  • 0.8”, 0.85” or 1.0” module pitch compatible
  • Five OpenVPX™ expansion slots
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) support
  • Air-cooled bottom-top airflow
  • Dual 300W power supplies (600W aggregate per system), 3U plug-in modules.
  • 3U VPX 24-lanes PCIe Gen2 switch (PCIe Gen3 optional).
  • Supports Abaco 3U VPX FPGA and SoC boards.
  • Supports multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs
  • Rackmount version available (VPX371)

VIAVI - Xgig 4-lane CEM-slot Interposer for PCI Express 4.0
  • Supports link widths up to and including 4-lanes
  • Operates up to 16GTps, PCIe 4.0 data rates
  • Downward compatible with PCIe gen-1, gen-2 and gen-3 data rates of 2.5, 5.0 and 8.0GTps
  • A top edge 16-lane CEM slot connector accepts all endpoint DUT adapter cards
  • Bottom edge 4-lane PCB finger connector installs into host test system’s 4-, 8- or 16-lane PCIe slot
  • Supplied with two high-quality SFF-8674 equivalent custom cables for Analyzer attachment
  • Data path uses high-speed linear redrivers to ensure good signal capture with minimal tuning
  • Supports Analyzer side-band signal triggering and capture via custom cable
  • Supports clock and trigger I/O
  • Interposer power is independent of host system.
  • Power Supply, 120/220 AC in, 12V/3A DC out converter is included
  • Custom, exchangeable brackets enable secure chassis and endpoint card installations
  • LEDs give quick indication of power and operation
  • Format: Design is based on the PCIe Card Electro-Mechanical (CEM) specification
  • Supports error injection for deep system analysis
  • Supported by Xgig tool suite including Trace Control, Expert™ and Serialytics™

VTI Instruments - VXI Controllers Gigabit Ethernet Slot-0 Interface (EX2500A)
  • Up to 10 kM distance from PC to mainframe through fiberoptic interface
  • 40 MB/s block transfer rates
  • Embedded Web Interface provides interactive utility to control instruments
  • Rack-Rack TTL trigger extension through on-board LXI Trigger Bus
  • Backward compatibility with VXI 1.4 and 2.0 products
  • External Clock In/Out with on-board options for TCXO/OCXO
  • VXI plug&play compliant

Brandywine - VME-SyncClock32 Single slot 6U, 32-bit precision timing module
  • 6U single slot VME form factor
  • Nine digit time display
  • Optional Have Quick synchronization input
  • IRIG's A and B and NASA 36 time code inputs
  • 1PPS sync input
  • IRIG B output
  • 1PPS and time code inputs are redundant
  • Single-slot including GPS option
  • Zero latency time reads, microseconds through years
  • External Event input (optional eight and sixteen inputs)
  • Match Time output
  • Programmable Heartbeat rate
  • Video Time Inserter Option
  • Many additional options

VTI Instruments - SMP1100/1200 Signal Switching in DC to RF frequency Single/Double slot base
The SMP1xxx product family is made up of the SMP1100 and the SMP1200 (pictured)

Abaco - VP430 Development Kit
The VP430 Development Kit is designed to speed, simplify and reduce the cost of developing advanced electronic warfare applications. It does this by pre-integrating the VP430 Direct RF Processing System with the VPX370 Development System and an SBC326 3U VPX single board computer to enable a fast start.

Abaco Systems

Abaco's history goes back more than 30 years, to the days of Plessey Microsystems in the UK – one of the first adopters worldwide of the ‘new’ VME standard. A management buyout saw Plessey become Radstone, who acquired ICS and Octec. Meanwhile, equally prominent embedded computing companies including SBS, VMIC and Condor Engineering were being acquired by GE to bolster its offering in that area – and Radstone was acquired by GE Fanuc Embedded Systems in September 2006. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems subsequently became GE Intelligent Platforms and, in September 2015, the embedded computing part of the business was acquired by Veritas Capital. The resulting business was named Abaco Systems.

We’re 700+ people, with our global headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama; a European headquarters and manufacturing site in Towcester, England; and offices throughout the world.

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