Advanced Illumination - BL193 Medium Intensity Linear Backlights

Advanced Illumination - BL193 Medium Intensity Linear Backlights
  • Extremely consistent light over the entire active area of illumination
  • 25mm (1”) wide illuminated strip in a 33.8mm (1.3”) wide housing
  • Available in 1” increments; Lengths from 1” to 80”


Our Medium Intensity Linear Backlights provide rugged construction for demanding environments.

Medium intensity illumination with low power input requirements.

Multiple wavelengths available with very consistent illumination over the entire active area.

Available in 1” (25mm) increments with lengths up to 80.5” (2044mm).

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Advanced Illumination - BL138  High Intensity Linear Backlights
  • 295,000 lux - perfect for line-scanning applications
  • Available 6” (152.4mm) increments from 6” (152.4mm) to 96” (2438.4mm) with the exception of a 3” (76.2mm)model
  • Intensity control of entire light via 0 - 10v input

Advanced Illumination - BL168 White High Intensity Linear Backlights
  • 70% brighter than the BL138
  • Perfect for line scanning applications: 507,000 lux
  • Expandable in 6” increments; available in lengths from 152mm (6”) up to 2438mm (96”)
  • Intensity control of entire light via 0-16v input

Advanced Illumination - LL137 Medium Intensity Line Lights
  • The LL137 Series provides a focused line of illumination in a passively cooled design.
  • Provides a medium intensity level of 280kLux (working distance of 75mm)
  • Pre-engineered for expandability in 6” (152mm) increments up to 96” (2.44m).
  • Available intensity control provides illuminance adjustability for every 6" increment via a 0 - 10v input

Advanced Illumination - SL112 Medium Intensity Spot/Coaxial Light
  • The SL112 is characterized as a Medium Intensity Spot/Coaxial Light and is designed primarily to replace fiber optic light sources in coaxial lensing applications.
  • Optional couplers are available for use with Dolan-Jenner, Fostec, and Moritex fiber bundles.
  • The spot light is designed with sufficient thermal management to provide 22kLux at a working distance of 4” (100mm).
  • A range of visible wavelengths are available.

Advanced Illumination - BT Series MicroBrite™ Edge Lit Backlights
  • Ultra thin profile for easy installation in tight spaces
  • Highest flux density among all Ai backlights
  • Large working area with uniform illumination
  • Three sizes available

Advanced Illumination - BL245 Series UltraSeal Backlights
Built for extreme environments, our IP69K certified lights are specifically engineered to withstand everything from prolonged liquid immersion to high-pressure steam cleaning and corrosive washdown solutions.

Advanced Illumination - CXXXYY CX 2D Expandable, Edge Lit Collimated Backlights
  • 30% brighter than same size surface mount light
  • Uniform illumination and low heat output
  • Available in 1"x1" increments up to 12" x 12"

Advanced Illumination - CBXXYY CB 2D Expandable Series Back Lit Collimated Backlights
  • Collimation greatly improves edge detection of curved objects
  • Available in 1” increments; Sizes from 1” x 1” up to 16” x 16”

Advanced Illumination - DL097 Medium Dome Light
  • 2x brighter than the previous version
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Suitable for imaging detail on reflective curved or uneven surfaces
  • Best applied to objects no larger than 5 1/2” diameter