AMERGINT - satTRAC Modem / Baseband Unit

AMERGINT - satTRAC Modem / Baseband Unit
  • Signal Converters for RF and 70MHz
  • Digital IF over Ethernet
  • Software Apps for Waveform-Specific Processing


Software Applications

Commercial Satellites

  • Commanding, Telemetry, and Ranging for commercial satellites. 
  • No Export License Required. 
  • GROUP1 supports FS-1300, LS-1300, GEOStar3, and similar satellites
  • DIRECT1 supports direct carrier modulations


  • Filters, demodulates, bit syncs, and FEC decodes a SGLS telemetry downlink.
  • Ternary command uplink modulation (FSK/AM waveform) and echo checking.
  • High-fidelity PRN ranging generation and processing (range/range rate)


  • Filters, demodulates, bit syncs, and FEC decodes a USB telemetry downlink.
  • Binary command uplink modulation (BPSK/PM waveform) and echo checking
  • Sequential tone ranging generation and processing (range/range rate)


  • Generates TDRS spread spectrum forward link with command data and ranging PN sequence
  • Receives TDRS Mode 1 or Mode 2 return link despreading and demodulation of the data streams.
  • SNUG-compliant S-Band Single Access (SSA) and Multiple Access (MA), Data Group 1, User Codes.


More Product Information

AMERGINT - Satellite Test Systems
  • Integration of our standard products into turn-key test racks.
  • Supports factory testing and launch site checkout.
  • Configurable to support multiple satellite families.

AMERGINT - softFEP Data Recorders
  • Record and playback satellite telemetry and command streams.
  • DVR-Like operations for ease of use in operations or test.
  • Multi-Terabyte RAID-5 storage capacity.
  • Manage recordings with Preserve, Export, and Import Functions.

AMERGINT - softFEP Payload Processors
  • Receive and process high-rate downlink data streams.
  • Perform error detection and correction on each downlink.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

AMERGINT - softFEP Front End Processor
  • Process telemetry and command data streams in satellite control centers.
  • Connect satellite control centers with networked antenna sites.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

AMERGINT - Range / Launch Site Systems
  • Network Gateways correlate and route serial data and time over IP networks, then regenerate that serial data and time at one or more sites.
  • Data Acquisition Applications capture, process, display, and record from sensors and other data sources.
  • Range Data Systems capture, process, record, route, and display data from telemetry sources.

Brandywine - PDU-240 Pulse Distribution Unit - Multi Channel Pulse Distribution Unit
  • Dual inputs with manual or automatic switchover
  • 24 individually buffered outputs
  • Pulse rates from 1ppm through 10MPPS available

Luna - T‑Gauge® Control Unit (TCU)
  • The T‑Gauge® Control Unit (TCU) is the central component of the T‑Gauge® family of products and serves as the source of the optical and electrical signals necessary to generate and detect terahertz. The TCU also transforms analog data into a digital signal that can be analyzed using the onboard processor and interacts with the wide variety of THz accessories.
  • The TCU is a 19 inch (483 mm) rack, wall, or table mountable instrument, consisting of an ultrafast laser, high-speed optical delay, ranging optical delay, power supplies, and signal conditioning electronics, with connectors for convenient interfacing to various optical and electronic components. The high-speed delay included in the TCU can be chosen from a number of delay length and speed options. When utilized in conjunction with T-Gauge® accessories, the TCU enables the user to generate and detect pulsed terahertz energy for a wide variety of measurements.

Brandywine - Timing Reference Unit (TRU)
  • Ultra-stable GPS Disciplined Timing Reference
  • 5 buffered IRIG outputs
  • 5 buffered 1PPS outputs
  • 10MHz frequency reference out
  • 1U chassis
  • Timing accuracy to 1 x 10-12
  • Dual Port NTP Server

PowerGridm - DC Power Distribution Unit
  • Allows for Consolidation of VDC Power from the Source to a Stack.
  • Consolidates cable runs when extending VDC to a remote location.
  • Individual Push/Pull Based Breakers for Each Equipment Connection.
  • Remove and Rotate Mounting Brackets for Maximum Flexibility.