AMERGINT - softFEP Data Recorders

AMERGINT - softFEP Data Recorders
  • Record and playback satellite telemetry and command streams.
  • DVR-Like operations for ease of use in operations or test.
  • Multi-Terabyte RAID-5 storage capacity.
  • Manage recordings with Preserve, Export, and Import Functions.


Software Applications

Four Channel Telemetry

  • Recorder Records four channels, up to 20 Mbps on each channel.
  • Telemetry stream capture with data analyzers.
  • Our in-line data quality monitoring ensures you’re recording good data.

Two Channel Command Recorder

  • Records two ternary command channels.
  • Two command uplink streams or a command and command echo stream.
  • Creates a command log for easy uplink analysis and review.

Satellite Contact Recorder

  • Capture and store the satellite T&C data streams during a contact.
  • Record/Playback two telemetry streams, one command stream, and one command echo stream.
  • Data analyzers and command logs support troubleshooting.

IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Recorder Datasheet

  • Five RS-422 PCM channels with real time data quality indicators while recording.
  • Integrated BERT capability.
  • Each channel has its own .ch10 file for independent recording and playback.
  • Solid state drive provides high performance.

More Product Information

AMERGINT - softFEP Payload Processors
  • Receive and process high-rate downlink data streams.
  • Perform error detection and correction on each downlink.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

AMERGINT - softFEP Front End Processor
  • Process telemetry and command data streams in satellite control centers.
  • Connect satellite control centers with networked antenna sites.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

AMERGINT - Satellite Test Systems
  • Integration of our standard products into turn-key test racks.
  • Supports factory testing and launch site checkout.
  • Configurable to support multiple satellite families.

AMERGINT - Range / Launch Site Systems
  • Network Gateways correlate and route serial data and time over IP networks, then regenerate that serial data and time at one or more sites.
  • Data Acquisition Applications capture, process, display, and record from sensors and other data sources.
  • Range Data Systems capture, process, record, route, and display data from telemetry sources.

AMERGINT - satTRAC Modem / Baseband Unit
  • Signal Converters for RF and 70MHz
  • Digital IF over Ethernet
  • Software Apps for Waveform-Specific Processing

PowerGridm - LBI Data Cable
  • PowergridM UPS LBI Data Output connection to LBI Data Input connection.

NH Research - Data Acquisition (DAQ) Instruments
  • Single box including Voltage, Temp & resistance temperature detector (RTD)
  • 24-bit DAQ-per-channel design
  • Wide measurement ranges
  • Fully isolated channel-to-channel design
  • No test channel-to-DAQ (data acquisition device) usage dependency
  • Easy expansion to higher channel count
Yokogawa - GA10 Data Logging Software
GA10 is the new easy to use data logging software that collects data from Yokogawa recorder, data acquisition and controller products. It also acquires data from devices that support Modbus communications.
  • Connectivity with many devices Broad support for recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, signal conditioners, power monitors, and power meters. Even acquires data from Modbus devices.
  • Simple settings Simply select a device to connect to and start monitoring (Simple setting mode)
  • High reliability
    • Auto reconnection when communications are lost, protection of data files up to the moment of power failure
    • Data supplementing function (Backfill function)
    • Server OS support
  • Easy-to-read screen
    • Wide variety of display screens
    • Real time monitoring
  • Variety of functions
    • Alarm monitoring
    • Send via e-mail
    • Advanced viewer
    • Standard support for multilogging
    • 2 time modes
    • User privilege settings
    • Add monitoring PCs (client)
Celebrating the sales release of GA10 Data Logging Software, we will have a limited time offer of the GA10 at a special price for existing DAQWORX customers. Please contact your local sales representatives for more details.

Teledyne LeCroy - SDA 7 Zi-A Serial Data Analyzers
  • Teledyne LeCroy's unique summary view displays the Eye Pattern, TIE, Bathtub Curve and Jitter Histogram all on the screen at the same time
  • De-embed cables allow all of the SDA tools to be used as if the cables were not in the system
  • Create Eye Patterns utilizing the full memory for maximum statistical significance
  • Display Eye Patterns up to 100 times faster than other solutions
  • Triggers on 80-bit patterns at up to 3.125 Gb/s using the Serial Trigger
  • Decode 8b/10/b data on up to 4 lanes simultaneously
  • Configure software PLL for any standard or custom requirement
  • Serial Data compliance testing
    • ​10/100/1000 BaseT ENET
    • USB 2.0
    • MIPI D-PHY
    • DDR2 / DDR3
    • PCI Express
    • DisplayPort
    • SAS
    • HDMI
    • UWB
    • SATA