ProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks Software

ProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks SoftwareProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks Software
AssemblyWorks enables manufacturing engineers to write the "manufacturing script" for an assembly process and display that script directly onto the target assembly.


Step One: Write the Script

It all starts with the ProjectionWorks ManuScript Software. Import your 3D CAD models into ManuScript and write the script that your technicians will follow.

Step Two: Display the Script

Display the script on the production floor using the AssemblyWorks Software.

More Product Information

ProjectionWorks - PaintWorks Software
  • View the paint scheme projected onto the vehicle for customer/internal approval prior to masking
  • Paint highly complex schemes with precision and repeatability across entire fleets
  • Reduce paint masking time substantially
  • Eliminate guesswork and inconsistencies from paint masking
  • Minimize rework
  • Accurately masking projected lines requires less skill than current tracing method
  • Increase complexity of paint schemes without increasing time spent or requiring master painters
  • Standardize workforce and results across multiple locations

ProjectionWorks - HarnessWorks
HarnessWorks adds visual step by step instructions directly to the harness board. Import your harness drawings directly from your existing design software, add any helpful tips and text, and guide your technicians through the build process.

AVT - AcquireControl Software
  • Interface-independent
  • Simple image acquisition of greyscale, color, and temperature images
  • Comprehensive camera control
  • Statistical image evaluation
  • Save as RAW, TIF, BMP, AVI, and more file formats
  • Pseudo color IR image display inclusive temperature measurement
  • Simultaneous analysis of several user-defined ROIs
  • Support for important image pre-processing functions (look-up tables, background correction, mirroring etc.)

Aligned Vision - LASERGUIDE Projectors and Software
The LASERGUIDE system is foremost in the industry in terms of range, accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility. Using LASERGUIDE, our Fabrication Management system requires fewer projectors, controllers, and operator setup activities than any other laser system. LASERGUIDE combines the most advanced, durable hardware with unparalleled software capabilities.

Matrox Imaging - Library X, Development Kit Software
  • Solve applications rather than develop underlying tools by leveraging a toolkit with a more than 25-year history of reliable performance
  • Tackle applications with utmost confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, classifying, locating, measuring, reading, and verifying
  • Base analysis on monochrome and color 2D images as well as 3D profiles, depth maps, and point clouds
  • Harness the full power of today’s hardware through optimizations exploiting SIMD, multi-core CPU, and multi-CPU technologies
  • Support platforms ranging from smart cameras to high-performance computing (HPC) clusters via a single consistent and intuitive application programming interface (API)
  • Obtain live data in different ways, with support for analog, Camera Link®, CoaXPress®, DisplayPort™, GenTL, GigE Vision®, HDMI™, SDI, and USB3 Vision®2 interfaces
  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of support 64-bit Windows® and Linux® along with Intel® and Arm® processor architectures
  • Leverage available programming know-how with support for C, C++, C#, CPython, and Visual Basic® languages
  • Experiment, prototype, and generate program code using MIL CoPilot interactive environment
  • Increase productivity and reduce development costs with Matrox Vision Academy online and on-premises training.

Amplifier Research - emcware® 5.0 suite - test software
Comprehensive EMC test software for radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity, radiated emissions, and conducted emissions. Windows compatible.

Teledyne LeCroy - MIPI DigRF v4 Decode Software
  • DigRF v4 Decodes
    • Low-speed (26 Mb/s)
    • Medium-speed (1248 Mb/s)
    • High-speed (1456 Mb/s)
  • DigRF v3 Decodes
    • Low-speed (6.5 Mb/s)
    • Medium-speed (26 Mb/s)
    • High-speed (312 Mb/s)
  • Convert DigRF 3G and v4 I and Q digital data to corresponding analog waveforms
  • Correlate analog waveforms with protocol decode on one screen
  • View decoded data in hexadecimal format
  • Decode information expands as the time base is adjusted or zoomed
  • Convenient table display with quick “Zoom to byte” capability
  • Quick search capability for specific message packets

VIAVI - IRIS 2000/IRS 1200 ATE Software Revision Service
We offer Software Revision Service (SRS) for its two legacy Avionics ATE Systems: IRIS 2000 ATE and the IRS 1200 ATE. SRS is a maintenance program designed to keep your Test Program Set (TPS) software up to date with the latest OEM test specifications.

VTI Instruments - ExLab Full Featured, Turn-Key Data Acquisition Software
  • Intuitive, icon-based setup and control
  • Spreadsheet-style channel configuration
  • Snapshot display with data export
  • Independent sampling rates for each instrument
  • Real-time online graphical data analysis
  • Client / server architecture with multiple displays
  • Synchronization of different data sources
  • Detect/process events for close-loop control
  • Post-acquisition analysis methods and data playback
  • Easily create Virtual/Calculated channels based on physical channel data


Delta Sigma Company began operations in January of 1990 in Hesperia, California. In July of 1997, we moved to Kennesaw, Georgia to be closer to the F-22 Raptor team. We have over 40 years worth of experience in-house for all kinds of specialized LO (low observables) testing. We have built everything from the antenna to the cal target, radar, data collection & processing software, RF section, pylon elevator, pylon, multi-axis target positioner, target, and motion controls for moving parts in/on the target.

In 2010, the first ProjectionWorks System was installed. We primarily focus on developing complex automated systems to replace manual aircraft manufacturing stations and eliminate bottlenecks in station cycle time. We understand machine vision, lasers, servos, precision motion control, and dozens of other technologies that can be applied to aircraft manufacturing. At DSC, we engineer all of our own designs and software and build all of our machines in-house from the ground up, resulting in a fully 100% custom automation solution for the customer.

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ProjectionWorks, a DeltaSigma Company

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Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone: 770-575-5100

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